Capulina Hand-Crafted Tiffany Floor Pole Lamp Lights

Capulina Hand-Crafted Tiffany Floor Pole Lamp Lights, Tiffany Floor Lamps for Reading, Floor Lamps Tiffany Style Shade, Stained Glass Floor Pole Lamps, Tiffany Standing Lamps (Tall: 70 x W14 inches)

  • 🏡【Tiffany style floor lamps Definately Eye-Catching 】Capulina Tiffany Floor Lights, Tall 70-inch / width 14-inches.Stained glass floor lamp displayed on entertain, hold meetings, host parties, and lounge, they make you smile each time you glance their way. HandCrafted Timeless Functional Art Stunning.
  • 🏡【With stained glass, Great Appeal with Abstract Designs】 Your home has modern features, so why not choose an abstract tiffany styled floor lamp French room like our tiffany Abstract Art design with stained glass floor lamp of overlapping reds, blues, and greens that make an impactful living room, den, bedroom and family room to make your home unique.
  • 🏡【Rooms are for people, Tiffany Style Lamp is for your eyes 】Abstract art in the form of stained glass is also a wonderful touch for your office building to give it a modern appeal while channeling in more light. Tiffany reading floor lamp adds privacy while bending the light so rather than cover up a glare and make things dark and stuffy, use stained glass to create a beautiful look.
  • 🏡【Enhance and Brighten Darker Areas】The room can seem smaller in darker than other areas of the room, it cause the darker area to turn into an unused space. Using Capulina tiffany floor lamp (such as a Torchiere) in this area can open up the space and create a more welcoming vibe.With contemporary stained glass designs, you can have the best of a classic art form with a futuristic feel, it’s multi-functional for art and lighting.
  • 🏡【Layering light in the room】Tiffany floor lamp torchiere an additional layer of lighting used to brighten the room. Having many layers of lighting is key to a good lighting design. Add stained glass lamp shade to areas where tasks will be performed, and use upward facing lamps in areas where there is less light provided by ceiling lights. In rooms where the walls are darker, an up/down lamp can be used to cast a soft light shadow along the wall to create a nice ambience.

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Product description

Capulina as a Tiffany Stained glass Professional Manufacturer since 2005.

Abstract art is all about geometric shapes and design.
It’s Picasso, Matisse, and Mondrian, a style that takes rudimentary forms and converts them into something extraordinary.

Contemporary stained glass takes this classic form of art and design, allowing it to work with today’s architecture.

When we think of contemporary art, we think of shapes, geometry, and city-centric appeal.

With contemporary stained glass designs, you can have the best of a classic art form with a futuristic feel, it’s multi-functional for art and lighting.

Tiffany glass is flexible when it comes to decor.
Any type of style is accepting to accent that stained glass can offer.
Living room, family room, kitchens, dens, bedrooms are favorite spots for an uplifting.

What types of glass are used in stained glass?

Color glass provides the color and texture that is seen in every detail of the work.
The exquisite finished product takes much time to make colors, textures and hues work together.


Tall:70 inch,Width:14 inch
Bulb: 2 x 60 Watt E26

How to clean stained glass sun catchers?

Care must be taken when cleaning stained glass.
Minimal dusting is recommended.
If the piece requires further care, use distilled water in a spray bottle to loosen any dirt and wipe with a lint free towel.
Keep away from areas where grease can build up on the stained glass for best results.

How to store stained glass?

Use bubble wrap or newspapers to provide a soft and non-shifting environment for stained glass panels.
Pack in a dry carton or other container and store in an area where it stays above freezing.

Have something else in mind for an abstract design?

Contact us and we can create exactly what you envision.

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