Haus & Garten PowerPRO Compound Action Bypass Loppers

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Haus & Garten PowerPRO Compound Action Bypass Loppers

Haus & Garten PowerPRO Compound Action Bypass Loppers
  • COMPOUND ACTION MECHANISM - Multiple pivot points and moving parts that multiply the cutting force by as much as 3 times! This means less effort, less struggle, and less chance of fatigue even through heavy pruning.
  • HEAVY DUTY HIGH CARBON STEEL BLADE - Made from high quality SK-5 Japanese steel that's more durable and stays sharp longer, this tree trimmer provides precise clean cuts of up to 2 inches. Best for trimming green living wood but can also be used in some dry wood. The blade can easily be sharpened for maintenance and replacement is also available, making it a lifetime garden tool.
  • 29-INCH LONG LOPPER - Longer handles allow more leverage and extra strength for tough branches. They also give you added reach and maneuverability for higher limbs. The powder coated oval tubular handles are strong enough for long lasting use yet comfortable enough in the hand.
  • CONVENIENT NON-STICK TEFLON COATING - Protects the blades against rust and corrosion, it reduces friction for smoother cutting of branch and limb. Cleaning is made easier by preventing sap and debris to accumulate keeping the shears from gumming up.
  • COMFORTABLE NON-SLIP GRIP - Ergonomic TPR grips securely attached to the handles prevent blisters and add comfort for long hours of use. They have integrated holes that allow you to hang the lopper on the wall for storage therefore saving space for other tools.

Product Description

Trimming Large Branches Doesn’t Have To Be A Struggle With This Heavy Duty Lopper That Gives You 3X More Power Than Other Loppers!

Haus & Garten is a leading brand that gardening professionals, avid gardeners and home owners have come to trust. Why? When you buy any premium product from us, you can be assured that you are buying a quality product that is manufactured with the motto of “Quality First”. Our attention to ergonomics, performance and durability ensures products are made for tough working environments. We pride ourselves not only on making quality products but also on building relationships with our customers and providing exceptional customer support.

***WARNING*** Make sure that the product you are purchasing is “Sold by Haus & Garten”. Products from unauthorized 3rd party sellers may not have the same quality as our original products. We shall not be responsible for any issues arising from products bought from 3rd party sellers. Only products “Sold by Haus & Garten” will be warrantied.

Strength and Power for Reduced Effort


These Bypass Loppers are designed for tackling thicker branches that hand pruners cannot handle. What makes these branch clippers truly impressive is their advanced mechanism that magnifies your cutting force, giving you 3 times more power than traditional loppers. This ensures a smooth cut through tough limbs without exerting much effort, making it the best choice for big and difficult pruning tasks.

Another benefit of having this branch cutter is the extra leverage and added reach that you get with its long durable handles. They give you additional strength and leverage that makes cutting much easier and less tiring. Best used for pruning live wood in shrubs, bushes, vines, and trees that are generally too big for secateurs and smaller tools – these loppers are definitely an important addition to every professional and home gardener’s tool set.

Manufactured for Excellence


Our premium quality blade has unique characteristics you won’t find in most loppers – it offers remarkable strength for unsurpassed cutting performance, and abrasion resistance for superior edge holding ability. It has excellent wear resistance that allows the blade to stay sharp longer, making it ideal for heavy duty use.

This means less frequent sharpening, therefore requiring minimal time and effort with maintenance.

The Haus & Garten Bypass Loppers are made to a professional standard, with superior manufacturing processes, attention to quality, performance & thoughtful design that make this an essential piece of gardening equipment for the serious home gardener & anyone in the gardening or landscaping profession.

Product Features


The compound action system has multiple pivot points that multiply the force up to 3X for an effortless cut. It is complemented by 29-inch handles for added leverage and reach.


Its SK-5 high carbon steel blade glides smoothly through wood up to 2 inches thick. The non-stick Teflon coating reduces friction & protects against rust for long lasting use.

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