Octane Fitness Q47xi Elliptical Machine


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  • Using adjustable stride length from 18″-26″, exercisers of all sizes and ability levels can customize and vary their stride for the best feel throughout workouts
  • Octane’s unique SmartStride automatically adjusts your stride length to match your pace (walking, jogging or running) for the most natural motion
  • Multiple effective, efficient total-body workouts with forward and reverse motion engage more muscles overall so you burn more calories
  • Take your workouts to the next level with HIIT routines which can be easily added to any program by selecting a unique Workout Booster, such as X-Mode
  • For greater challenges and faster progress, try Octane’s exclusive advanced workouts such as CROSS CIRCUIT , MMA and 30: 30 Interval, which will improve your fitness level


Product description

The top-of-the-line Q47xi home elliptical machine delivers health club quality form, function and results. Ergonomically advanced and technologically superior, the Q47xi is loaded with features and a multitude of workouts to help you get fit and stay fit.

Capitalize on Octane’s natural motion, SmartStride, MultiGrip and Converging Path handlebars, Workout Boosters and signature advanced programs. And take advantage of the free Octane Fitness app that delivers customized workout plans based on your goals.

With a history of breakthroughs on zero-impact equipment, Octane Fitness has earned more than 120 Best Buy awards from leading consumer publications and organizations.

Octane machines are defined by long-lasting performance and exceptional quality, and not only fuel home workouts, but are in demand worldwide at health clubs, athletic training centers, military bases and more. Dedicated to going above and beyond, Octane has a global service network to exceed your expectations.

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