Dixie Dinner Size Printed Disposable Plates

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Dinner Size Printed Disposable Plates

Dixie Everyday Paper Plates,10 1/16″ Plate, Amazon Exclusive, Dinner Size Printed Disposable Plates

Disposable tableware includes all disposable tableware like. disposable cups made of paper, plastic, coated paper, plates.

According to the manufacturer of Dixie plates, these paper products are labeled as microwave safe and are extremely safe to use in a microwave. In addition, the USDA says that paper products are safer to use in the microwave than plastic or polystyrene.

All Dixie®, Dixie Basic® and Dixie Ultra® paper plates are recyclable*, making them a sustainable choice. *If you have access to a recycler that accepts paper or plastic products containing food residue. Such facilities may not exist in your area.

When asked, “paper or plastic,” some people may choose paper thinking they are helping the environment. However, studies show that paper does not decompose much faster than plastic. Whenever it’s an option, avoid using paper plates and choose reusable plates.

Dixie Everyday Paper Plates,10 1/16" Plate, Amazon Exclusive, Dinner Size Printed Disposable Plates, (5 Pack of 44 Plates), 220 Count
  • 220 plates per case
  • 5 layers & 50% stronger than the leading comparable store brand paper plate
  • Soak Proof Shield
  • Microwavable & Cut resistant
  • Made in the USA
  • 220 Plates, 10 1/16 inch - (25.5 centimeter)

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