DecoPots – Self Watering Planter

DecoPots – Self Watering Planter – Modern Flower Pot with Water Level Indicator for All House Plants, Flowers, Herbs – Height 8.3 inches (Diameter 10.6″, Grey – White)

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About this item

  • Self Watering Planter – You don’t need to water your plants every day but just 1-2 time per week, effectively save your precious time.
  • HEALTHY ROOTS: BPA FREE. The water doesn’t stagnate thus keeping the roots healthy
  • Special Design: Height: 8.3, Diameter: 10.6, Capacity: 2.4 Gallons. This self-watering planter has a unique design that keeps insects away from your water and prevents them from getting inside.
  • FAST GROWTH. Our system enables optimal air circulation in the roots
  • Great for Decoration: The beautiful shape and design of these self-watering planters makes them suitable for home or office decoration.

Product description

Size:10.6  |  Color:Grey/White

Self-Watering Planter Material: Durable Plastic, UV stabilized.

Note: Please note that No Plants or Gravel included with this item.

Made of plastic, DecoPots pots are strong, durable and reusable, year after year. All self-watering planters include a large built-in reservoir which draws water to the roots for up to 4 weeks and prevents them from rotting by allowing an easy oxygen circulation. DecoPots pots are great for an outdoor garden, balcony, indoor decoration, greening projects etc.


1. Before planting the plant directly into the soil, it is recommended to pour a layer of gravel (2-3cm/1inch) into the inner pot for ideal moisture balance. You can also use perlite or specific mixtures of these materials.

2. Pour the first layer of soil, which it shouldn’t be much since you need to leave enough space for the root ball. Instead of soil, different types of peat mixtures, suitable for your plants can be used.

3. Place the plant directly into the flowerpot and fill the remaining space with soil. Slightly compress. Add a little bit more soil, because it will settle within 2-3 weeks by 5-10%.

4. Water your plant directly into the soil. Make sure that the water level does not exceed the level of gravel.

DecoPots Brand offers the unique combination of 4 key features which made us pioneers in creating and bringing the superior self-watering system to the market.

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