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Best Lawn Mower Engine 2019: Review and Buying Guide


Who does not like dew in the grass? It makes you calm and brings happiness into your mind. Though uncontrolled weed or any other plant not only destroy the natural look but also lives so may insect.

So you need a powerful lawn mower to bring discipline into your yard. Best Lawn Mower Engine effectively does that job for you. But engines are a critical component to choose for a push or riding mower. Isn’t it?

Our listed top 5 lawn mower engine is proven and tested on various occasions. So you get some reliable features which are very handy on your busy lifestyle.

Comparison of 5 Best Lawn Mower Engine

5 Best Lawn Mower Engines Review

Before we make our shortlist of 5 top rated lawn mower engine, we have done some extensive research of more than 50 brands. We make these shortlist with some unique features and benefits which was absent other engines. We tried to focus important standout points, key benefits, how to use and install those at the lawn mower. So keep continuing reading these 5 lawn mower engine reviews.

Briggs & Stratton 31R907-0007-G1 500cc 17.5 Gross HP Lawn Mower Engine


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Stand out feature:

  • It has an air filter
  • Unique floating carburetor gives consistent and smooth starting
  • It has Dura-Bore cast iron cylinder sleeve that enriches its longevity
  • It has a patented linear balancing system
  • The overhead valve design gives a cooler operation
  • It comes with a 9 amp charging system

Briggs & Stratton 31R907-0007-G1 Lawn Mower Engine Review

One pleasant morning means your wake up early with a cup of tea just sitting in your lovely yard and seeing a fantastic atmosphere.

In this case, you have to maintain the grass height in a comfort zone. Briggs and Stratton 17.5 GHP Vertical Shaft Engine offers dependable power for your lawn mower needs. This powerful engine allows you to manage the grass and give a stunning look.

This Vertical Shaft Engine features a premium Dual Clean air filtration system with an electric starter. Briggs and Stratton provide the power that you can trust and use it as commercial purpose too.

It comes with a Dura-Bore cast iron cylinder sleeve with an installed muffler. It is a great engine and easy to install. Also, it is an ideal motor wide open to cut your grass.


  • Splash lubrication system
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Float type carburetor
  • Remote throttle control
  • Dual-element air cleaner for maximum protection
  • weight 81 pounds with 500cc capacity
  • You can use it for even riding, wide-area, and trail mowers
  • 3,300 maximum RPMs
  • 1-inch shaft diameter


  • Manual choke
  • Fuel tank not included
  • Plain bearing type

Briggs & Stratton 49T877-0004-G1 Lawn Mower Engine

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Stand out feature:

  • It has patented a 5-Step Debris Management System that gives ultimate protection from heavy debris conditions
  • Cyclonic air filter provides 2x more extended protection than panel-style air cleaner systems
  • Stable cylinder block makes sure its strength and durability
  • Cooling fin inspection panels speed debris inspection and cleaning
  • It has full pressure lubrication with oil filter
  • Overhead valve design for cooler operation
  • DU PTO bearing and Oil cooler for extended engine life

Briggs & Stratton 49T877-0004-G1 Lawn Mower Engine Review

Briggs & Stratton 49T877-0004-G1 are the perfect small engines to power the equipment. Then you can use to maintain your home and yard. It has versatile uses such as a pressure washer, garden tiller, log splitter, water pump or portable generator. No matter how tough the job, it can do all of those tasks consistently and efficiently.

Briggs & Stratton 49T877-0004-G1 Engines produce an excellent performance at an affordable price. OHV design, cast iron sleeved are capable for industrial and rental use. You can easily maintain this engine such as fuel line routing, and exhaust direction. Regular maintenance prevents problems and ensures your engine is running all season smoothly long.

Its unique design gives combines power, performance, features and durability to deliver a commercial-grade service. Cyclonic air filter provides 2.5x more extended debris protection than standard panel-style air cleaner systems.

Twin-cylinder with cast iron sleeves and cooler operation extend engine life even in the rugged mowing conditions. This lawnmower comes with two-year consumer and one-year commercial engine warranty.


  • 27 Gross HP gives you the power of working under harsh conditions
  • 810cc Commercial Turf Series Engine
  • Dust and particle filtration system
  • One robust riding mower engine always ready for the toughest jobs
  • Dynamically balanced crankshaft minimizes engine vibration
  • OHV design for better fuel economy
  • Oil cooler reduces oil temperature


  • May seem expensive
  • Little bit heavier

Briggs & Stratton 33S877-0019-G1 Lawn Mower Engine

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Stand out feature:

  • Briggs & Stratton 33S877-0019-G1 can produce 9.50 ft-lbs. of torque
  • It has a unique feature that ensures less fuel consumption and lower emissions
  • After a long run, it remains cool that good for the engine and eventually saves your money
  • This 33S877-0019-G1model has Gear-driven system for continuous protection
  • The stunning designed engine gives you consistent starting
  • Require less maintenance compared to other lawn mower engine

Briggs & Stratton 33S877-0019-G1 Lawn Mower Engine Review

Regular mowing the lawn has many benefits, and it’s a part of proper yard care. A good engine like Briggs & Stratton 33S877-0019-G1 can keep your garden healthy and eradicate most of the pests from the grass.

This professional series 540 ccs single-cylinder engine offers tremendous power that allows the lawn to remain consistent. It helps all the plant to get equal sun and water throughout the yard.

Built-inDual Clean air filtration system ensures clean air emission.Electric starter and electronic ignition give you a hassle-free engine start when your mood in on to clean out your yard.

If you purchase these mowers, you will realize that 19 HP motor produces enough blade tip speed to clean your yard within the minimum time. You get an assurance that this machine will cut the grass more evenly and leave a better-looking lawn.

Don't worry; it has not a high price tag; you can get it at an affordable price that lasts for longer. Briggs and Stratton have excellent customer service record; they also give you two years of consumer use /1-year commercial use warranty.


  • Full pressure lubrication with an oil filtration system
  • It has a pulse fuel pump
  • Overhead valve design gives a cooler operation
  • Comes with exhaust and Dura-Bore cast iron cylinder sleeve
  • It can produce up to 3300 RPM
  • Suitable for riding lawn mowers
  • Four cycle OHV engine can provide 9 lbs. torque
  • 12V Key secure electric starting system


  • Installation can be tricky

Predator 6.5 HP 212cc OHV Lawn Mower Engine

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Stand out feature:

  • Advanced construction that increases the performance
  • It has a durable cast iron cylinder
  • User-friendly controls for smooth operation
  • It comes with a low oil sensor so that when oil has not for safe operation, it shuts down the engine immediately
  • Fuel shutoff safeguard ensure safe transport
  • You can use it for various purpose such as cement mixers, mowers, vacuums, tillers, water pumps, generators etc.

Predator 6.5 HP 212cc OHV Lawn Mower Engine Review

Predator 6.5 HP 212cc has a cheapest, and very reliable go kart engine. Predator engines on the top chart in the competition because you can easily modify it that increase the performance. This is the main reason most of the go karters loves this engine.

You can utilize Predator 6.5 HP 212cc for racing or just lawn mower around the yard, it depends on your mood, but you will never feel any lack on the performance.

If you already have an old Predator engine, you can buy this new upgrade version and breathe new life into an old go-kart. It can produce the speed around 20 mph to 35mph.

This OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine has the gas-saving feature too. The powerful gas engine features a horizontal shape that can be an ideal replacement for the most standard engine in the recent market.

Durable cast iron and user-friendly controls make it a suitable fit for a mini bike, go-kart, lawnmower, log-splitter etc. If you need other parts such as Governor, Re-Jet, and Exhaust to complete your new project, you can find all of those pretty quickly, both online or your nearest workshop.


  • Durable cast iron cylinder
  • User-friendly controls
  • Recoil start
  • Ensure safe transport
  • It has ball-bearing to secure and smooth running during the task
  • Inexpensive
  • Require a small place to fit on


  • For enough for heavy task
  • Not suitable for professional or commercial work

Honda Engine GX200 Lawn Mower Engine

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Stand out feature:

  • It has a powerful force of speed of 66 ft./min in forward and reverses
  • Easy to grip recoil rope design and heavy-duty recoil starter gives you the most user friendly control experience
  • Self-cleaning base plate feature minimizes rock and dirt build-up
  • Honda Engine GX200 6.5HP expert at heavy-duty on the harshest conditions
  • Very much portable as it has transport wheel kit
  • Precision camshaft design for better fuel efficiency
  • Ball-bearing crankshaft for greater stability
  • High compression ratio ensure better fuel efficiency

Honda Engine GX200 Lawn Mower Engine Review

You can comfortably use Honda Engine GX200 6.5HP for Construction/Industrial sector, Cultivators field, Generators or even Commercial Lawn and Garden Equipment. It does not disappoint you most of the time.

In many occasions, you may find Honda GX200 Engine in Water Pumps and Go-Karts because it can produce sufficient energy for the various task without bothering you. Uniquely design GX200's ball bearing, cast iron cylinder sleeve, and helical-cut gears give you more stability in all the equipment.

GX200's dedicated design allows precise valve timing. After a decade of research, Honda engineer team produces its OHV design that increases performance and power.

Honda Engine GX200 has a high compression ratio that produces better fuel efficiency than other engines. In this case, it stands far ahead from other manufacturers. They give you three years’ warranty that means, you can use Honda Engine for any applications with the sense that it is built to last.

Honda does not compromise its performance; it has a sophisticated air intake system that has a lower emissions rate. Aluminum push roads, breather valve, and case cover reduce the noise level.

Honda is the top revenue-making company. So you can say it, Honda is the best lawn mower engine brand. Most importantly they have massive engineer and support network among the all other. You can find Honda lawn mower engine parts pretty quickly. No doubt about that.


  • Comes with 3-year engine warranty
  • Air-cooled 4-stroke engine
  • It has an overhead valve and a single-cylinder
  • Honda GX200 engine has advanced oil alert system
  • Various shaft options
  • Automatic decompression system
  • Heavy-duty recoil starter
  • Lower engine vibration
  • High quality materials
  • Simple throttle control
  • Large fuel tanks of 3.1ltrs
  • Automotive type of fuel cap
  • Easily accessible spark plug
  • Multi-chamber exhaust system


  • Maybe not suitable for commercial work
  • Not built for heavy-duty for a long run

Buyer Guide of Best Lawn Mower Engine

Shiny, greenish, and soft grass enrich the visual appearance of your house or piece of property.But without maintaining it might do the opposite. In this case, lawn maintenance is a very important task.

Basically, there are Gas, Electric and Reel lawn mowers engine available in the market. You probably likely a mower to enjoy your beautiful yard without paying high dollar for landscaping solutions. Don't, you?Gas lawn mowers are suitable for large surface areas that can trim thick grass effectively.

Engines and Efficiency

These factors should be taken into account like, quality, durable, sturdy, and dependable deliver the best results and offer years of reliability. Also, powerful motors and gas mowers are the very best choice.

In the market, there are two types of motor available, both depend on the size of the cutting swath. You can select one according to your needs.

Two-stroke engines - If you do not need massive power, then you can own two-stroke engines. It's lightweight and easy to control compared to Four-stroke engines. But you may face difficulty to cut thick grass.

Four-stroke engines – This engine is more powerful than the previous. It will be the best choice if you have a massive yard with thick grass. Without messing with the choke, this motor offers stunning results.

Noise Level

Another feature you have to look at is the noise level. All internal combustion motors make high levels of sound. Look for a machine with a more compact engine that produces a lower-level of noise. The quietest version generates around 85 decibels of sound.


Lawn Mower Engine comes with self-propulsion technologies. And so the mower's motor effectively turns the brakes, taking a number of the strain off.


Best Lawn Mower Engine motors tend to be very fuel-efficient. This feature makes the majority of the gas lowering emissions. It can reduce the damage to the environment and save your money.


Lawn Mower Engine mechanical parts are available in the local shop. If you take care of your engine a little bit, then it will serve you for a more extended period. Keep your mower covers from sunlight or rain.

Gas Lawn Mowers saves time and money

Gas lawn mowers have many advantages such as it won’t stop working in mid-way due to low battery. It can successfully cover a larger area than regular electric mowers to trim without leaving any awkward patches.

Do you know just one tank of gas can clear up to an acre of land? It is also appropriate for uneven grounds as it smoothly goes on sloppy or hilly areas.

Who makes the best lawn mower engine?

If you are searching for the Best Lawn Mower Engine, you have to consider engine types and specifications. Because of the engine is the core that gives you overall performance. There is many lawn mower engine brand in the market. If you buy one from best lawn mower engine manufacturers, you can use it for a long time.

Honda Lawn Mower Engine:

Honda is one of the Best Lawn Mower Engine manufactures. They provide much-needed stability and make sure you get the top-class quality.

This popular Japanese engine uses world-class big lawn tractor's manufacturers such as Husqvarna, Poulan, and John Deere. Best riding lawn mower with Honda engine also be found on the market pretty quickly. So there is no doubt about the compatibility of the Honda engines.

If you forget about this factor, it does not reduce the popularity. Only the power, longevity, and fuel-efficiency makes Honda engines remain the top choice for the general public. They produce one of the most fuel-efficient models in the recent market. Also, it is reducing emissions of harmful air and saving your money.

It is very much capable of packing much heat with their massive horsepower units. You can say, Honda is valuable engines that don’t cost much but gives you so much. Maintaining also doesn't require much effort.

How Does a Lawn Mower Engine Work?

A four-stroke cycle engine utilizes four distinct piston strokes to complete one operating cycle. In this time, the piston makes two passes in the cylinder. It is the most common small type engine. In 1830 Edwin Budding patented the first push lawnmower engine. But we get a gas engine in 1921.

Step 1: Intake Stroke

At first, the piston moves from TDC to BDC. When the backwards BDC that creates a low pressure. This atmospheric pressure opens the intake valve.

Step 2: Compression Stroke

When the piston moves to the bottom, the cylinder contains the maximum air-fuel mixture and closes the intake valve. In the cycle, the piston and cylinder head compressed the air-fuel mixture.

Step 3: Power Stroke

In this stage, the cylinder piston reaches the top part, and the fuel holds extreme power. This high voltage creates the ignition coil and the spark force quickly back down the disk into the cylinder.

Step 4: Exhaust Stroke

The piston reaches the base and the exhaust valve opens. So the combustion gases out as the piston return to top center. Every cycle requires two full rotations of the crankshaft; it requires the small engine flywheel to keep the machine running.

The Final Verdict:

There are various famous brands in the lawn mower engine industry. There are plenty of model and features that make them unique. So select the best one is still tricky. You have to consider your budget and requirements. Also, make sure you get the best lawnmower engines that requires less maintenance.

After considering various valuable, our listed engine performance is out of the roof. It can be the most suitable and convenient choice for the long run. All of these engines are good; you have to select one according to your needs.

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