Best Double Flare Tool in 2020: Review and Buying Guide


The brakes are the most important system on your vehicle, and when that fails, it could be a disaster. To get out of that hell, you need a double flare tool to repair your brake line. But why should it be a double flare tool? There are some more flare tools like single flare and bubble flare tools.

Being the most typical flare that we use in brake lines, the double flare tools have taken our attention. Don’t worry. We will talk about the other types of flare tools in our next articles.

To make a double flare perfectly, you must consider some things like using the correct type of fittings or adapters and, most importantly, the correct double flare tool. This article will make that easier for you because we are going to cover the best double flare tool that is available on the market right now. Let’s jump onto the first look into our top selection.

Comparison of the 11 Best Double Flare Tools

11 Best Double Flare Tools Reviews

Here are the top 11 double flare tools that we are going to review. To ensure the accuracy of the review, we should let you know that we have done lots of tests before the review. And also, we analyzed the feedback from a large number of real-life users about their experience with these tools.

In this section, that is what we are going to share with you. We will cover the features, pros, and cons of these products and the exceptional facility that each of these is coming with. So, let’s hop into the review.

TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool(Single, Bubble, and Double Flares)


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At number one, we have a professional flaring tool manufactured by TGR. The proficient tool can be used to make double flares and as well as bubble flares. Even so, if you are thinking about a single flaring task, it got you because it can help you to make that also. All the flares can be created in 45-degree.

The set of the tools comes with four sizes of fitting supports, which are followed by 3/16 inch, quarter-inch, 5/16 inch, and 3/8 inch. With the adjustable handle, you can enjoy your flaring without any trouble. All the attachments come inside a hard case.

This vise mounted tool has a freehand feature so that you can easily move it onto the curve if you got to do something. You would get an extra tool to clamps down on the top of the manual tool. It will help you to make brake fittings in a good manner. We like the T-handle screws that can be used for holding the dies and tube at the same time.

One thing that can be a bit negative about the toolset is its weight, which is nearly 8.54 pounds. Obviously, it’s because of coming with a bunch of tools. The package dimension is 14.3 * 6.4 * 3.5 inches, which is quite acceptable.

All in all, the tool has versatile support to meet your all flaring needs. Certainly, if you are messing up with regular steel or stainless steel, it has the capability to make flare in both. And it can do this without squishing and avoiding slipping accidents. In all sense, it is a perfect double flare tool for brake lines.


  • Vise mounted tool
  • Leakage-free flaring
  • Able to make double and bubble flares
  • Ant-slip
  • Different measured of dies
  • Flexible handles
  • Hard case


  • A bit of heavyweight

Eastwood Professional Brake Line Tubing Flaring Tool(Single Double and Bubble Brake Flares)


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If you are searching for a double flare tool for stainless steel materials, then our second pick is probably one of a few to choose from. Besides, it can work on regular steel and soft metal. Like the first one, this double flare tool can accomplish your flaring related task with honor and perfection.

The Eastwood double flare tool kit can be used for all of the flaring purposes like single, double, and bubble flares. Its attachments and features allow it to create 45-degree flares in less time, and it can be done in brake lines, fuel lines, and also in transmission cooler lines.

The precision tool kit is pretty easy to use and provides you a comfortable experience. The manufacturer took the designing job seriously. As a result, you will have a firm grip while executing extra pressure at the time of flaring your brake line.

To keep your dies ready to use quickly, it comes with a turret looked indexed head. Its T-handle screws have a security feature, which can hold dies more precisely. Besides, it has a quick-release feature to make flaring easier. Here is a tip regarding that, when ever you want to get the best user experience, use a bit of lubricant before an operation.


  • All-purpose flaring tool
  • Can create 45-degree flares
  • Flaring in less time
  • Durable material
  • Covers stainless steel and soft metal
  • Quick-release handle


  • Heavy-weight

GEARWRENCH Double Flaring Tool | 41860


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Gearwrench is one of the most popular companies that make a double flaring tool for brake lines. The exciting fact about this 41860 model is the slots that are available on the yoke, which can be engaged with bar assembly robustly. Besides, the set comes with all the tools that you would need to create flares.

The corresponding adapters make this easy to create several sizes of flares with this one tool. All the materials are made with forged alloy steel to ensure high-quality.

The 45 degree double flare tool works on soft metal types of material. It is able to provide you up to 0.040 wall thickness flare tubing. Again, you will get seven different sizes of bar assembly tubing- 3/16, quarter-inch, 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch, 7/16 inch, 5/8 inch, and lastly a half-inch.

To ensure your all tools are safe and secured, it comes with a hard case and alsoa double flare tool instructions guide. It has 3.95 pounds of weight and 11.5 * 8.2 * 2.4 dimension, which is a quite regular size.


  • 45-degree flare angle
  • Seven sizes of tubing
  • A bit lightweight
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Forged alloy steel


  • Can’t use it on stainless steel

ABN Bubble Flare Tool & Double Flaring Kit


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Whether you are looking for a tool that can create bubble flare with double flare tool or double flare with single flare tool, this ABN flare tool can be the choice of yours. What can you expect more than that? Nothing, we guess. Be prepared to make your multipurpose flaring tasks with this single tool.

The compressor it has come with a T-shaped design that gives you the maximum grip you would need. The different types of fittings sizes are also the plus of this product. You will get 3/16, quarter, 5/16, 3/8, and ½ inch fittings support with the attachments. Furthermore, to extend your flaring capacity, you will find different sizes of adapters like 4mm, 4.75mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm.

ABN makes all-purpose tools since it is in the manufacturing business, and our pick is no different at all. It can work on steel, copper, and aluminum materials very easily. The manufacturer positively enhanced user-experience by adding a pipe cutter inside the package, and yes, we appreciate that.You can cut 1/8 inches - 5/8 inches material with that cutter.

After all of that, they made this tool very user-friendly and easy to use.We found two rollers with the unit to prevent skipping while flaring. Don’t forget to pull back the blade while compressing and revolve around the pipe in the meantime.

All in all, we were satisfied with the quality of the raw materials. It has a chrome-plated swivel to reduce friction and also has the anti-rust support to extend its lifetime and made it the best double flare brake line tool kit so far.

The complete accessories come inside a storage-friendly case, and the package has a dimension of 11.9 * 2.8 * 9.2 inches.


  • All-purpose flare tool
  • Pipe cutter
  • Easy to use
  • Storage friendly case
  • Anti-rust material


  • Clamshell holder has more than necessary slop

Titan Tools 51535 3/16-Inch Double Flaring Tool


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The Titan 51535 flaring tool is the best double flare brake line tool on the market at a good price. The double flare tool set has a removable handle facility.You can use it for flaring in the brake line of different types of cars. When the size of the place that you are working in is pretty narrow, you can remove the handle pretty easily.

Inside the set, you will get a die lubricant container, a positioning bolt, double-ended OP1/OP2 punch. All of the tools seemed to be quite helpful during our test sessions and also looked like the premium quality material.

It is easy to create 45-degree flares with its high-quality tools. With the steel and nickel-copper made tubes, flaring would be more than easy on regular soft metal. But don’t try this on stainless steel. This 3/16 inch flaring tool is specially designed for the double flaring purpose.


  • Flexible handle
  • 45-degree flaring result
  • Works on steel and nickel-copper
  • Easy to use
  • Specialized for double flaring
  • Premium quality material


  • Does not work on stainless steel

MASTERCOOL 72480 Blue & Silver 37 Double Flaring Hydraulic Tool Kit


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MASTERCOOL is the most upgraded, and premium feeling double flaring tool in our list. MasterCool has upgraded this model with an improved hydraulics feature. So, powerful and accurate flaring is just would be an easy job to bring about.

The flare angle that you will get is totally unique to the others. You will get a kind of factory-style 37-degree double flare with the attachments, and it is specially designed for aviation and automobile tasks. To serve you with the variety, it has different sizes of tubing dies, such as 3/16, quarter, 5/16, 3/8, and a half-inch dies.

The freehand hydraulic pump can be operated to create double flares on steel and light stainless steel materials. Just remember one thing, if you can’t bend the stainless steel tubing without creasing the kit, don’t use it on that type of material.

For over 35 years, Mastercool is supporting the automobile industry with its well-qualified products. So, trust is in their genes and won’t be the wrong choice to solve your problems. The whole kit set comes with a fancy looking hard case.


  • Hydraulic and professional double flare tool
  • Powerful and accurate flaring experience
  • Comes with a hard case
  • Works on steel and lightweight stainless steel
  • Popular brand


  • You can’t create a 45-degree angle

ARES Double Flaring Tool | 18019


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The ARES tool can be the best double flaring tool for the money because now you don’t need to compare double flare tool vs single flare tool anymore. This toolset comes with both backup features.

Its five adapters enhanced the capability of what you can do with a flare tool. The sizes are – ¼ inch, 5/16 inch, half-inch, 3/16 inch, 3/8 inch. All adapters covermetric sizes of 4.8mm to 12.7mm. Without the versatile adapters, you will get a cutter that can cut up to1/8 to 5/8 inch material.

Talking about the quality, the whole set made with high-quality materials. As like the forged yoke manufactured with anti-heat steel and the swivel is made with alloy steel, which also has chrome-plating. All can resist friction properly.

It is just like a professional double flare tool so that it works on aluminum, copper, brass, magnesium, and also on soft steels. Besides the performance and quality, the manufacturers are also going to support you with reliable service. Just buzz them if you find any issue in the one that you are going to buy. They will take care of it further.


  • A bunch of attachments
  • High-quality material
  • Versatile application support
  • Reliable customer care service
  • Renowned brand
  • Price-efficient


  • No instruction guide

AGS Professional Double Flaring Tool


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A turret style flaring tool is always comfortable to work with than a freehand flare tool. So, our next contender is. The AGS flaring tool comes with a unique shape that looks like a turret to provide you a professional flaring experience. Using a double flare tool can’t be as easy as this one.

The professional purpose flaring tool comes with different sizes of tubing like 3/16 inches, quarter inches, 5/16 inches, and finally, 3/8 inches. You can create both ISO bubble and single flares with the tool accurately.

The different kinds of dies would be supported and accessible for different purposes.To change the dies faster than before, you can use the quick-release enabled T-handle. Flare and stainless steel, as well as nickel-copper material,  can be flared by this precision tool.


  • Turret style flare tool
  • Versatile purpose flare
  • Different sizes of adapters
  • Quick-release handle
  • Works on different types of materials


  • Requires a stable place to work

Neiko Auto Double Flaring Tool | 20656A


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In another article, we have talked about its upgraded version, which is called 20657A. If you are interested in bubble flaring tools, you can check that out here also. It doesn’t mean it is poor in features. This one is also a quite good double flare tool.

The particular flaring machine can take care of both single and double flare. And both can be done on different types of materials like copper, brass, magnesium, aluminum, and also on soft steel brake lines.

It has been designed to accomplish heavy-duty tasks and user’s needs.Being manufactured with forged and heat-treated steel, this toolset can serve you or a long time without any hassle. All the materials are chrome-plated as well. So, be sure you are getting something with durability and strength.

You will get five adapters with the package. These are – 4.8mm to 12.7mm so that you would cover the need of 3/16 inch, 1/4, 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch, ½ inches easily.

And to keep all of the stuff secure, you will get these come inside with a red box, which reminds us Hellboy for no reason,however.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Single and double flaring tool
  • Works on maximum types of materials
  • Heavy-duty flare tool
  • Five adapters
  • Red hot molded box


  • Can’t do bubble flares

Wostore Auto Double Flaring Tool


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Are you searching for a flare tool that can be suited for both auto brake line and AC system? Then most probably, our second last nomination could be the right gear for you.

You will get a flaring cone, a yoke, and also five different purpose adapters within this single toolset. The sizes of the adapters are 3/16 inch, quarter-inch, 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch, and a half-inch. If we convert that into matric, then that would be 4.8mm,6.4mm, 7.9mm, 9.5mm, and 12.7mm.

Constructed with alloy steel and added chrome-plating, the swivel is able to reduce friction significantly.

Nonetheless, the tool is made for heavy-duty commitments. So, they made the yoke with heat-treated steel. So, that would ensure durability and strength.

You can make both double and solo flare with this one toolset. In addition to that, it can create flare on soft steel, copper, brass, magnesium, and also aluminum materials.

The manufacturer is proving a smart red colored hard plastic case for storage resolutions. So, transportation and switching it here to there won’t be a fact to worry. Besides, the size of the product is 8.9 * 8 * 2 inches,and it weighs nearly 2.4 pounds only.


  • Bunches of attachments
  • Five different purpose adapters
  • Small and easy to move
  • Has a plastic made a hard case
  • Works on different surfaces
  • Both double and single flaring can be done


  • Can’t make bubble flares

SAE Standard 45 Degree Double Single Tube Nut Brake Line Flare Flaring Kit Tool


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We love to see a product when we find that comes with a return warranty after finding a defect. The SAE Standard Flaring Tool is one of a kind. You can return the double flare toolset within the first 14 days if you found any problem in the model. It proves how much the manufacturer company is concern about customer experience and its high quality.

The standard flaring kit can create any flare at a 45-degree angle. With its five adapters that are 3/16 inch, ¼, inch, 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch, and ½ inch, you can make precise flares. Steel, copper, aluminum, brass, soft stainless are the materials on which you can make flares with this tool.You will get a hard formed case, which is made of plastic.

You can make your flares smooth and accurate in automobile connections. As you know,a double flare tool slipping while flaring is the most common incident we see. But, this one is different and can help you to flare without slipping.

One tip that you should consider after using the flare tool.Must use lubricants to remove all the motor oil.


  • 14 days return support
  • Five different adapters
  • Works on different material
  • Extremely price-efficient
  • High-quality material and chrome-plated


  • Again can’t be used to create bubble flare

Buyer Guide of Best Double Flare Tool

Picking the best double flare tool among lots of options is not an easy task to get done. But if you are going to follow our instruction, it would be. Let’s look into the fact that you need to consider while buying the best double flare tool.


Adapters are the most important thing that comes with a flaring tool. Adapters determine the result of a flare size. So, whatever brake line you are dealing with, you must have the right adapter to match that. Make sure to find out a double flaring tool that comes with the adapters to meet your needs.


The different flaring tool has different capacities. Like some work on regular steel, some work on stainless steel and some work on light stainless steel. The purpose of the double flare tool should be identified first.

Like if you have read the 11 double flare tools that we have discussed early, have different purposes and capacity. We should remind you that some of them work great on versatile material. So, identify where you are going to use the flaring tool.


In any sense, the material of the double flare tool that you want to buy should have high quality. As you know, flaring is related to the brake line. And any dump material made flare tool won’t be able to come with the perfect flaring result. It would cause serious consequences.

We always recommend going for a flare tool that is made with forged alloy steel. Added to that, chrome-plating would be an advantage if any of the tools has it. To get something completely high quality, you can push for heat-treated feature enable flare tool. You don’t need to rumble around, we have covered that one as well.


Look for a flare tool that offers warranty support. One or two years of warranty would be enough to secure your money. But if you are a guy of indifference, try something that comes with seven days to 14 days replacement or return warranty, if you find any defect.

What is a double flare tool?

One of the most common flare people need to create in their brake line is the double flares. If you fold inside and by the end of the tubing, the result that will arise is a double layer, which supposed to be flared.

To make this type of flare, you would need a perfect flaring tool that is specially manufactured to create a double flare. The required adapter size that comes with the flaring tool should be placed at the end of the tubing. Whenever you apply pressure, which will roll the edge towards the inner direction,and in the end, you will see your expected double flare.

Without the double flare, there are also two different types of flares like single flares and bubbles. Each of them is important for brake lines. To get more info about these, make sure to subscribe to read the article.

How to create a double flare tool for brake lines?

In this section, we will discuss how does a double flare tool work.Using a double flare tool required a bit of concentration because any mistake can cause an unsuspected result.Process of making a double flare can be a little tricky and serious concern if you don’t have the right tool. So, make sure to get the best one.

Nevertheless, let’s assume you have got one. Besides tools, you would also need to have a cutter, yoke, and brake line.

In general,the brake line comes in 25 feet of a roll. And the others you can get inside a double flare toolset. So, at first, you would need to unravel a piece of the brake line. Now, for this purpose, we are going to cut two inches off. To do that, you insert the tube between the two rollers against the cutting wheel, and you tighten the tube cutter. You have to cut it until the tube is into the little piece.

After placing the double flaring bar into the vise, you now want to insert your tube into the proper hole and snap on double flare tool. You will notice, there are numbers along the top, those ranges from a quarter to 3/16. So, we are going to place the 3/16 brake lines into the corresponding hole and tighten the wing nuts down securely.

Next, take the tube cutter and use it to remove the inside chamfer on the brake line.We have to do this by pressing and rotating.

Because of using the 3/16 brake line, we have to pick an adapter that sized 3/16 inches.You will notice on the side of the adapter that there is a little step. The step corresponds with the top of the tube. To lower the tube down,we should loosen the wing nuts and lower the tube to the top of the adapter. Afterward, tighten the wing nuts.

The next step we have to do is producing a single flare. So, we will take the adapter and turn it into two, and then we will take the yoke and will place it over top of the flaring bar. Then we will turn the cone down. Make sure to tighten that enough until the adapter hits the bar. Now, we are done with a single flare, which is our first step.

In the next phase, we are going to produce a double flare. We are going to do that by placing the cone into the tube and turn it again. Then loosen the wing nuts. If everything goes right, what we will see is the double flare. So, that is all about how to use a double flare tool for the brake line.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Let’s have an eye on the question and answers that people are asking about flare tools.

Question: Who makes the best double flaring tool?

Answer: We should admit that many manufacturers are out there and making good quality flare tools. Like SAE, Neiko, MASTERCOOL, Titan, GEARWRENCH, Eastwood- these are all renowned brand names that are working on manufacturing the best possible tools.

Question: Why you need a double flare tool?

Answer: Well, we mainly use a double flare tool for brake lines of our car — double flares required by most common domestic cars. And brake line failure is a random problem that happens to your car. To solve that, you not only need a double flare tool but also need the best double flare tool.

Question: What is the difference between double and inverted flares?

Answer: Don’t be confused with the name. Both of these are the same type of flare. People use inverted flare as an interchangeable term of double flare.

Question: Can I use a double flare tool for stainless steel brake lines?

Answer: Basically, a double flare tool is a universal brake line solution.  Where a single flare tool can‘t perform well or crack itself, a double flare tool can be used on almost any material as well as stainless steel.

Bottom Line

As being the most enthusiastic automobile reviewer, we always try to get you the best possible tool that we found helpful. We have done the same thing here also. Finding the best double flare tool won’t be a hassle anymore. The selections that we have listed are the most positive feedback winners from the consumer panel.

Just make sure to get the right one that suits your needs because each of these all has different offerings, features, and usability. Hover on the buying guide section; if still, you are a bit confused.

So, that is all for now;we wish you a happy rock n roll performance with your double flare tool. Till then, nourish your brake line, and don’t forget to let us know the experience you get from our recommendation.

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