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Best Budget Torque Wrench: Review and Buying Guide

People with automobiles need accurate torquing while working inside home or outside as professionals. And when it comes to the accuracy of torque, you must consider using a torque wrench. Because only a torque wrench, you can identify whether your nuts and bolts got enough tight or not.

But what if we are not wrong, you are a little bothered about how to choose the best budget torque wrench. Don’t you? If so, no more worries, mate. We got you.

We have selected to review 10 of the best torque wrenches that can solve your problems and comes with a lower budget. We have listed the features and pros and cons after lots of tests to provide you the best possible information. So, with any further, let’s begin this short journey.

At first, we would like to have your eyes on the significant features of our ten nominations.

10 Best Budget Torque Wrench Reviews

A torque wrench can be a useful friend while messing with nuts and bolts. If you left your automobile nuts or bolts without giving enough tighten, it could cause a major accident while driving. Whether it is related to the wheel, suspension, or even engine, you need a torque range must.

Therefore, before buying one, you should know the features, pros, and cons of the best available torque wrenches out there.

In this part of the article, we have described all the information that you should know regarding the best torque wrench. So, let’s start with the first one.

TEKTON 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench| 24340


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Talking about this TEKTON torque wrench, we have found this as the best affordable torque wrench and easy to compare to the other options. If you can adjust with the traditional tooth and name scale mechanism to minimize the cost of your torque wrench, then you must try this one. This TEKTON tool fits the bill perfectly.

The first thing you will notice is, it has a very nice solid, precise quality feel. Heavy all-metal construction feels good in the hand, and that long handle is easy for leverage. We found the click at torque is plenty loud but incredibly useful to avoid any mistake while pressuring.

During our experiments, we felt the manufacturer has moved up the quality ladder.The knurled lock it has holds the setting securely, and we would say markings are etched and straightforward to read.

The torque wrench builds with a feature they called All-Steel construction. So, you can get consistent performance. Remember one thing, and torque wrenches require proper care and the appropriate method of use to remain accurate and give a long life. We are confident that it will outlast in your case also.

In all sense, their tools are designed to work with a better experience, and it has not any exception. Want a tighten fasteners to precise specifications? Then there is no further better option than the TEKTON 24350 model. You will get a nice molded case for storage too.


  • Comes with the calibration of +/- 4%
  • Simple and reliable
  • Easy to read scale
  • All-Steal construction
  • Descriptive design
  • Good grip on the handle
  • Best inexpensive torque wrench


  • It has a kind of old of school tooth count system, so if you are a kind of digital lover then it might not be your choice

eTORK Click-Style Torque Wrench 1/2 Inch Drive


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eTORK always creates products with value. That is why you will get the best out of their product without a similar level feature of its competitors. As this half-inch drive torque wrench has an accuracy amount of +/- 3%, but the potentiality is identical to others +/- 4%. You can call it the iPhone of the mechanical-tool industry.

Clockwise and counter-clockwise operation with the 45 tooth ratchet head made it easier to perform, even if it is a tight space. And don’t be worried about the strength and durability. It is made of hardened alloy steel housing, with a slimmer and lighter design. So, you will get the best experience, and that is for sure.

During our tests, we found its sensitivity, consistency is incomparable, because of the ball bearing release mechanism. Another mention able feature that we have discovered is the scale is pretty much easy to read, and it comes with a dual- English and metric.

You would love the ergonomic, soft-grip handle, which comfortable enough to use and also needs less than 50% turning force. The locking knob also deserves praise because it can secure the selected torque setting that can be changed accidentally.

In our opinion, the best thing you will get with this tool is the lifetime personal user guarantee. So, you don’t need to be tensed if you need some sort of replacement or any kind of repair. Another value that is added with the tool is the America National Standard, and ASMA has certified it. You will get a hard shell plastic case also.


  • Experienced design and quality
  • 45 tooth ratchet head
  • Made of hardened alloy steel
  • Every torque wrenches are factory tested and certified
  • Large and soft-grip handle
  • Dual scale
  • Locking knob for advanced security


  • You will need to send it to the manufacturer after prolonged use for calibration
  • Made in China can be worry fact if you are allergic to that country product. But you should not.

GEARWRENCH 1/2 Inch Drive Micrometer Torque Wrench | 85066


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If you ask us to list the best cheap torque wrench with innovative features, then Gearwrench comes at the first. This half-inch micrometer torque wrench filled with the feature that enables you to adjust the exact amount of output force, and that is for any specific operation. All in all, it is a better option for a sophisticated and compelling project.

We loved the sealed teardrop head that provides easy access and ultimate strength. It also keeps out the contaminates while giving that support. The knurled anodized aluminum handle also makes sense of manufacture tradition of Gearwrench like always, and they made this very comfortable.

The handle is also as powerful to resist oil. With the thin-profile head, you can get access in tight areas without hassles and also can fasten bolts easily with the 11-degree ratcheting arch. Talking more about the head, it has 32-tooth gear for better counting experience while working.

Like the previously discussed eTork model, it also has an accurate clockwise direction of +/- 3% but in the upper 80% of the range.

With a length of 24.25 inches, you can do maximum tasks reasonably and with low pressure. The maximum capacity is 250 ft-lbs.

This is an excellent quality wrench. We have torqued down lug nuts to 100 ft.lbs with barely any effort. The only thing that you will found irritating is not the USA made tool. But that is the reason it does not have a luxury price.


  • Clockwise accuracy is +/- 3%
  • Easy to adjust the exact number of output force
  • Easy access and ultimate strength
  • Knurled anodized aluminum handle
  • Comfortable grip
  • Long enough handle
  • A quality tool with durable material
  • Up to 250 ft.lbs capacity
  • Requires low pressure
  • Price-efficient


  • China in made product to minimize the manufacturing cost

Craftsman 3/8 Inch Drive Microtork Torque Wrench | 9-31423


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We like the typical Craftsman quality product, and they have made this also in that way. This Craftsman, 3/8 inch drive, has a lock mechanism, which allows you to lock and unlock and adjust the settings as you need.

The 3/8 inch microtork torque wrench works fine in the tighter space because of the slim head design. On the upper portion of the body, you will see a click a type mechanism. It is not like other torque wrenches that slip inside because of this button. It helps to keep the tooth and other things engaged while in service.

In our opinion, this torque wrench accuracy is far enough to do regular and hard ring jobs. You can make it accurate to +/- 4% as of load requirements.

The impressive and redesigned grip delivers max control during a task and gives you a comfortable experience. So, you can work comfortably for even four hours. Isn’t that cool?

The only thing we have found negative about this product is the stamped scales. It’s a bit tough to read if you have eyesight problems due to both handle and number colors are nearly the same. But we like that it has both foot-pounds and Newton meters.


  • Perfect torque wrench accuracy up to 4%
  • Simple click mechanism for locking
  • Impressive and comfortable grip design
  • Twist ring for inside the lock mechanism
  • Scales numbers in both foot-pounds and Newton-meters


  • A little tough to read scale numbers
  • The single click-lock mechanism requires adaptability

Pro Bike Tool 1/4 Inch Wrench Set


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If you are searching for a torque wrench set with the complete toolset, then this Pro Bike unit can be an excellent option to go for. The set included a torque wrench bit set, Allen and Torx sockets, an extension bar, and also a fancy storage case. The best thing is this all you will get at an affordable price.

During the tests, the first thing got our eyes on is the precision torque measurement. With the calibrated precision, you can install the torque wrench correctly. The up to 20.0 range comes with a micro-adjustment that can help you to tighten the fittings on your motorbike accurately. So, you can avoid over-tightening damages.

Another thing we noticed, the torque wrench has the dual-direction feature to remove the guesswork. Nonetheless, it also made it easy-to-follow the manufacturer’s recommended settings. However, it is safe and secure while using because the spring-loaded adjustment automatically locks in the desired place with a needed setting.

The 100 mm extension bar is helpful to reach concealed bolts. And if worried about tooth count, you don’t need to be. The reversible 72-tooth count inside the ratchet head can measure torque in clockwise and also in counter-clockwise directions.

The engage &release bit button also makes it easy and user-friendly. We recommend you to use it between 5 to 20 Nm so that the click will be stronger enough.

Whether you are an irregular torque wrench user or a professional one, it can meet your expectations and needs. The manufacturer tested each tool for accuracy and better performance. So, why looking anywhere? Try out this budget-friendly toolset now.


  • Competitive price
  • Has a 100mm extension bar to reach every uncommon place
  • You will get the Allen and Torx sockets inside the package
  • The molded storage case can keep everything safe
  • Precision torque measurement feature
  • 72-tooth count always be better for professional works
  • engage & release bit button
  • Still user-friendly after adding lots of features


  • May need a break-in

GEARWRENCH 3/8 Inch Drive Micrometer Torque Wrench | 85062


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At number six, we have another outstanding torque wrench from the Gearwrench family. The torque wrench drive size is 3/8 inch. There are many torque wrench inch/pounds out there that don’t have a solid click sound. But you can get a noticeable click and feel even at the lowest 30 inches/lbs.With this torque wrench.

Gearwrench has been heavily credited through the car community, and our experience with this wrench is a great one. The engraved markings for ft. and lbs.And Newton meter is easily readable.

This 3/8 inch micrometer torque wrench covers the capacity of 10 to 100 ft. /lbs. The accuracy was also impressive during our inspections. You will get nearly 3 percent CW between 20 percent & 100 percent wrench capability.

It has a thin-profile and sealed head design that offers you to get better access. It also comes with the maximum durability even under high applications.

Like the previous Gearwrench torque wrench, its handle is also built with knurled anodized aluminum. With that, you will get a comfortable grip and can reduce your hand fatigue also.

We should mention that it has already met and exceeded ISO 6789 & ASME standard and specification. So, be worry-free about the quality. Currently, the manufacturer is providing a one year of warranty with the unit. So, keep enjoying a hassle-free experience at least for one year after purchase.


  •  Above or under 3% CW
  • Solid click even at 30 inches/lbs.
  • Readable engraved markings
  • Dual type of meters
  • 10 to 100 ft./lbs. capacity
  • ASME and ISO certified
  • Good for high applications
  • Comfortable grip


  • Again the only cons we have found that it is made in China to minimize the production cost

Mountain 1/2-inch Drive Torque Wrench | 16250


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If you are not happy with your torque wrench for motorcycle-related tasks and need something to support a farm or ranch equipment, then this can be the right choice. It is a better performance tool torque wrench for tight spaces and great value for the price.

It can measure right up to a Snap-On wrench. This 16250 model made with stainless steel. The manufacturer has not disclosed the country it’s made in yet. So, there could be confusion.

It seemed to be a sturdy wrench and great for big or hourly jobs. Some people complained about the size though. But we think it does not need to be more than 25 inches long as it is to work on gas engines, foreign cars, and in any type of tight spaces. Nearly 2 feet of length makes it easy to apply a large amount of torque.

The torque wrench is within 2% accuracy. You will hear the excellent click sound while reaching the desired amount of torque, even at a lower setting. Dial-in the desired amount of torque as long as one is careful about which scale you are reading is also an easier task.

The robust and all-metal construction with a grip made it pretty easy to use. Its built-in quality is much higher than the best torque wrench under 100 dollars, and we found the seller was very prompt with shipping.


  • Versatile work support
  • The right option for heavy-duty
  • Stainless steel body
  • Great value for the price
  • Easy to use dial-in settings
  • The click sound is pretty easy to hear
  • 25 inch long
  • Readable meter


  • 2% accuracy is a bit lower than others but enough to meet your non-professional need

AKM 1/2-inch Drive Dual-Direction Click Torque Wrench Set


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The buckle design of the primary tool is something more than convenient. You can adjust the torque and can save more energy. The knurled design of the handle is anti-skid; it won't slip while working. And you are going to get the anti-rust support with the handle that makes it more effective and long-lasting.

Comprehensive and clear markings of the scale are clear, as well as the other parts of the wrench. Reading values will help you to determine better accuracy than a random torque wrench.

It has a dual-direction click feature that allows you to switch directions between relaxed and closed. It is placed at the head of the wrench and made it cool and useful to swap sleeve. You can pull down the locking ring for unlocking. To increase the value, you can rotate it clockwise and to decrease the value rotate it in the opposite direction.

The professionals certify this toolset because it can calibrate the error range of nearly 3%. Therefore, you will get high accuracy while torquing.

The best thing about the torque wrench is it is reliable and versatile. Whenever your wrench reached the preset value, it will make a sound. Whether you are a newbie or professional, the AKAM half-inch drive can be an excellent choice for everyone.

You will get a box with the package that has slots to hold the tools securely and prevent and damage.


  • About 3% calibration
  • Certified by professionals
  • Reliable and versatile
  • Dual-direction click enabled
  • Comes with proper packaging and case to store
  • Anti-skid and anti-rust supported handle
  • Very easily readable scale


  • Some people found it difficult to use the dual-direction. But it can be adaptable after some times
  • Made in China

TEKTON 1/2 Inch Torque Wrench | 24335


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Basically, it is a previous version of the earlier discussed TEKTON ½ inch torque wrench. But there are still some dissimilarities between both of the models. Like it comes with a dimension of 18.5 * 1.9 * 1.4 inch, which is a smaller dimension than the previous version. Besides, it has a tooth count of 24, and the capacity range is 10 ft./lb. to 150 ft./lb.

The calibration of accuracy is nearly 4% in this TEKTON half-inch drive torque wrench, which is equally perfect for the confident tighten of fasteners. To prevent stress and get it broken, the manufacturer has given deep attention to the production method.

Like all of our above-discussed torque wrenches, this one is also reliable and straightforward. If the following wrench reaches preset torque value, it will issue an alert with the “Click” sound. So, the chance for damage while putting unmeasured pressured in unpredictable situations.

As the scale has high contrast, it can be read easily in low light situations as well.

The interesting fact is the torque head is reversible so that you can measure both directions while rotating it as clockwise. Yeah, that is an impressive feature.

They have made it so far durable with the all-steam construction method — no plastic in any portion of the body.Besides, no plastic has been used while construing the torque wrench. So, after years of uses, it will perform like a new torque wrench.


  • Firm grip on the handle for comfortable use
  • Comes with an efficient price
  • All-steam construction
  • High contrast scale for better understanding
  • Issue an alert when it reaches the preset value
  • Has a calibration of more or less 4%
  • Smaller size to access tight places
  • Traditionally design for more extended and durable performance


  • For the professional purpose, it may not fill all the requirements

Wheeler Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench and Tipton Best Gun Vise


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Finally, we have our last contender here. It is a Wheeler made torque and specially designed for gun users. You can prevent any damage and increase the accuracy of your gun with the adjusting screws it has.

This hand-driven wrench has a click or clutch system, which very much helpful while applying essential torque in any firearms. It has an ergonomic handle and a quarter-inch hex drive tip, which you can use while applying 10-65 in-lbs.At five in-lbs.Increments.

Don't think it is just for firearms, and it can be used for everyday tasks as well. They are fair to near so that you can get about 2% to 5% accuracy over 40 in-lbs.

It can be used for repeatable needs like adjusting scope rings. The concept is also pretty user-friendly but not regular. Like the other torque wrench, it can make a sound to alert you from executing excessive power or leverage while working.

The heads of the surrounding screws masked with tape, so it will prevent marring while working on metal or wood finishes. Generally, it helps while the bit slips off while tightening any fastener. The small bits should be damaged after a while. But don’t be worried. They have replaceable bits at a lower price.

The display kind of scale adjustments is just simple to use. Besides, you can adjust it easily. But make sure to act following the recommended settings by the manufacturer.


  • specially designed for gun-related torque needs
  • the click or clutch system
  • has an ergonomic handle
  • Allows 10-65 in-lbs. At five in-lbs. increments
  • 2% to 5% accuracy over 40 in-lbs.
  • used for repeatable needs
  • surrounding screw heads are masked with tape
  • Easy to read scale and Simple to use


  • Need time to be adjusted with its mechanism

Buying Guide of Best Budget Torque Wrench

In this section, we to want to cover is what kind of torque wrench should you get. There are two things you have to look at.


The first thing, you should figure out what kind of drive torque wrench you want. And the drive is what size of the stud is. There are ¼ inch drive, 3/8 inch drive, and also ½ inch drive. So, if your socket says it is 3/8, you might consider getting a 3/8.


The additional thing you have to consider is what is the torque spec you are going to torque down your nuts and bolts to typically. The quarter-inch drive uses inch-pounds, which for tightening smaller nuts and bolts.

And then you have the half-inch drive. It goes from 20 to 150 foot-pounds, which is the range that most people like, and this is what people use most of the time.

Finally, we have a 3/8 inch drive. It goes from 10 to 80 feet-pounds, and that is a decent range. But lots of times, especially like when you need to lug nuts, you would not be able to do that with this one.

Price Ratio

Obviously, price is a mandatory matter to take care of, and the best thing requires the best price. So, we have already listed 10 of the best available torque wrench in this article to make your decision a bit faster and provide you the best value as well.

This is the tricky but straightforward buying guide that you need to follow to get the best one. Compare all these with our listed ten units and reach your final decision.

How to use torque wrench

Let’s assume you want to torque down the lug nuts on a wheel. In most cases of wheels, the lug nuts are tightened to 100 pound-feet of torque. Don’t be confused because this is the right way to say it is “pound-feet” of torque, not “foot-pounds” of torque. Now let’s start with the process.

How to set a torque wrench

Anyway, now get your click-adjustable torque wrench, which is the most common type of torque wrench. To adjust the torque wrench, the first task you need to do is you go down to the end of it, and you loosen the little knob down there. That allows the handle to move back and forth freely.

You have considered using the correct units; in this case, we are using the foot-pounds. We will switch our torque to 100 foot-pounds. Rotate the part to get there. Once we have it all lined up, you have to take your locknut back there and then rotate it clockwise until it locks that in place, so your torque spec does not change when you are trying to tighten it down.

How to tighten the nuts?

After that, all you need to do is get your torque wrench, put your socket on your torque wrench and put it on the lug nut. You should put your hand on the handle part that you were adjusting before, and you tighten. If you heard a click sound, it means that you have reached your desired torque. So you are done now. Move on to the other nuts consistently that you want to torque down.

It is just as simple as it looks. You just tighten it till it creates the click sound, and then you are good to go. Now you know the lug nuts are the correct tightness, so you don’t have to anxiety about injuring the studs or having the wheel fall off.

How to take care of your torque wrench

Yes, for sure, taking proper care of your torque wrench can increase its durability. First of all, make sure you don’t drop this or impact it hard like when you are turning it because that could throw off the calibration. If you drop it once, it is not going to mess it up. But you continually dropping it, or you drop it from really high up, it is probably going to knock out of calibration.

The other thing is, you have to keep it dry and out of place, it could get oxidized. Most of the torque wrenches come in a case, so use it, and don’t be lazy to put it inside. The case protects it from moisture and shock.

Before you put it in case, you should remember something, inside a torque wrench, you will find a spring that is under force. The more you tighten up the torque wrench handle, the more pressure there is in the spring. So, when you store the torque wrench, you should store it one step up from the lowest setting. That will keep a slight tension in the spring so, and it is not entirely loose. But the spring will be unloaded, and it will make wrench stay in calibration a lot longer.

Why we use a torque wrench

A torque wrench is used to tighten up bolts and nuts to anexact torque. You need to use a torque wrench because you can quickly over-tighten nuts and bolts and damage the threads. Sometimes you could even snap both heads right off.

If you don’t tighten up nuts and bolts enough, they can come loose, which would be very bad. All torque is a rotational force or a twisting force. While working on cars, you will be rotating a nut or a bolt with a torque wrench. That can happen when you are working on different parts of your automobile as like the suspension, wheels, brakes, and even while working on the engine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Let’s hover on the popular queries about torque wrench that people are asking online and offline.

What is the best torque wrench?

It is not like there is something that is the best, because of lots of competitors is available in the market. And everyone is trying to add the best possible features in their product. But you can hover on our listed ten torque wrenches because these come with the best value under a suitable budget.

What torque wrench for lug nuts?

You can use the half-inch drive to torque down the lug nuts of your automobile or others. This sized torque wrenches specially made to cover this purpose.

What is an angle torque wrench?

It is a type of torque wrench that electrically measures angle rotation and torque force. The following torque wrench eliminates the use of angle gauge and also protractor.

Why use a torque wrench?

To tighten bolts and nuts, there is nothing better than a torque wrench. It can prevent over-tighten nuts and bolts and damages to the threads.

Why do I need a torque wrench?

To do any kind of automobile-related tasks like suspension, wheels, brakes, and even while working on the engine, you would need a torque wrench for a better tightening experience.

Why is my torque wrench not clicking?

Either it is not clickable, or the tooth is damaged somehow. You should consider repairing or servicing the torque wrench immediately to avoid incidents.

What is a dial torque wrench?

This type of torque wrench has a dial on it so that you can see your applied torque on almost any specific application.

How to set a torque wrench in inch-pounds?

You should know that one foot-pound is equal to 12 inch-pounds. So, to change it to inch-pounds, you need to convert that foot-pound to inch-pound.

How to test a torque wrench?

There are different ways to and considerations to test a torque wrench. Like to check the accuracy of about 4%, if you tighten enough to the specification of 100 foot-pounds, it will make a click sound. The sound is to alert you that torque reached its final destination. But remember it will sound between 96 foot-pounds to 104 foot-pounds.

As a result, you will find that torque wrench is better and high quality than the typical one. There are some more ways, reasons also to test a torque wrench. We would discuss it in our next article.

Bottom Line

A torque wrenches won’t betray with lug nuts or regular bolts while you are putting excessive pressure. They will take care of the situations and alert you with a sweet clickable sound. Whether you want to avoid that kind of situation that will damage your threads or prevent accidents, you must need the best torque wrench.

As you see, it’s is difficult enough to find out the best one requires enough experience and practical knowledge. So why waste your money depending on some random fellow’s opinions? Why take the risk when you have known the best torque wrench here?

We have already added the Amazon links in this article. Just select the best one that suits your needs and click on the link above. Till then goodbye and enjoy torquing down nuts and bolts everyday with full of safety.

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