Best Bubble Flare Tool in 2020: Review and Buying Guide


One of the least typical flares is the bubble flare. And as you know, flaring your brake line is a kind of vital task to avoid unexpected incidents. So, it is going to be a little tough when you don’t have the best bubble flare tool.

Whether you are a guy with expertise or a person who rumble around with the brake lines occasionally, having the right flaring tool is a must. But, it's a complicated decision to reach when you have more than enough tools out there on the market. Knowing about the features that can serve you most, the attachments that you should look for- everything related to that requires vast knowledge to pick something great.

So, here we are to help you. In this in-depth article, we will let you know about the best possible options to grab. Not only that, we have made this much easier for you with a professional buying guide to buy the best flare tool. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the review of top 10 bubble flare tool.

Comparison of the 10 Best Bubble Flare Tool

After this short overview, we will discuss the details and features of these top 10 bubble flare tools.

10 Best Bubble Flare Tool Reviews

It can’t be a complete suggestion that you should take if the person is not practically involved with it. As in our case, that happened. We read lots of articles about the best bubble flare tool.

When we compare the information in life, the result was so far different. So, we picked only the top 10 tools for bubble flare that performed well during our test sessions and proved themselves as the best of the best.Let's jump into the features and pros and cons of these units.

MASTERCOOL Metric Bubble Flare Tool Kit | 71100


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Our first pick is a precise bubble flaring tool set manufactured by MASTERCOOL. It can perform flare tubing up to 0.40 wall thickness to metric forty-five-degree flares. Each of the tools has made with hardened steel, which is pretty high quality to serve you for a lifetime.

The toolset comes with 4.74, 6, 8, and also 10 mm adaptors to fulfill your possible needs. With all of these, you can do flaring in domestic, Japanese, or European vehicles easily. You will get a matric bar assembly and reamer also with the unit.

Whether you want to make double flares or bubble flares, this toolset can help you with its maximum features. You can use the corresponding adapters for forge alloy steel, as well.

The using process is also pretty much natural to adopt. You just need to attach the required size of the adaptor onto Metric’s yoke. Then loosen both of the wingnuts a bit. After that, you would need to ream the tubing so that the following adapter can fit without a problem. Then insert it into the accurately sized hole and tighten it. If everything is done in a proper manner, then start digging, and you will get the expected result.

The toolset comes with a storage case and manual. So, you don’t need to be worried about losing any tool here or there. The total dimension of the unit is 11.4 * 8.5 * 2.2 inches and a weight of 3.75 pounds. So, you have to bear a lower shipping cost due to the smaller size of the unit.

Like you, the producer of this unit does not want to compromise with the quality of a product. That is the reason you will get a package full of high quality and durable materials. And to ensure your better experience, you will get a full year warranty with the metric bubble flare tool kit.


  • Easy to use process
  • Comes with different sizes of adaptors
  • High-quality material
  • Can be used in European and Japanese automobile as well
  • Has a storage case


  • A little heavyweight

Eastwood Single Double and Bubble Brake Flare Tool


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The great thing about this professional flaring tool is that it can be used for almost any kind of flare related tasks. Whether you need to create single, double, or bubble flare, it can do this for you just in seconds. Moreover, the bubble flare tool can accomplish all of your flaring related tasks.

It can create 45-degree flares very easily in less time. On materials like stainless steel or regular steel or soft metal, it can tube equally and precisely in all material.

You can use it for reforming brake lines, fuel lines, and as well as a transmission cooler lines. Its turret looked indexed head can keep your dies ready to use ideally.

The best thing about this one is its usability. It is quite comfortable and more relaxed than the rest of the market options. But remember to use a little amount of lubricant while doing your operation. We found it helpful.

We also liked the handle design, which gives you the grip to execute more pressure while flaring. The T-handle screw clamp, which is a security feature, is there for holding dies that related to tube-retaining. It also has a quick-release feature for a more comfortable user experience. Besides, the design gives you the ability to make precision flares within a short time.

  • Versatile flaring support
  • Creates 45-degree flares easily
  • Consumes less time while performing an operation
  • High-quality material
  • Works fine on stainless steel or soft metal
  • Quick-release handle


  • The weight is a bit heavier

GEARWRENCH Bubble Flare Tool Kit | 41870


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GEARWRENCH is manufacturing the right quality products year after year. Like their past unstoppable innovations in the wrench industry, it seems like they are going to make the same mark in this field as well.

Basically, it is a replacement model for the 3482 model. This manual flaring tool model has the metric measurement method like our first pick. You can use the kit to create a 45-degree flare angle. It has a tube OD 4, 7, 6, and finally 10mm, which are just like a standard bubble flare tool. The tube wall thickness is nearly 0.040.

The set comes with some corresponding adaptors so that you can form double flares with these. One limitation of the product is that you can’t use it on the stainless steel surface for tubing.

Talking about the quality, yes, it has something to talk about – the forged alloy steel to provide you a premium experience.

The particular yoke slots can be engaged firmly with bar assembly. It is included with a deburring tool. Besides, you can flare with the replacement of universal yoke. To make that operation, you will also get a holding.

You will get a storage case with the bubble flare tool and an instructions manual. The 3.75 pounds of weight and the 11.4 * 8.5 * 2.2 inches size of the whole set made it easy to maneuver if need. Surprisingly, you will get the standard lifetime warranty support from the manufacturer.


  • Can create 45-degree flare angle
  • Tubing size result would be 4, 7, 6 and 10 mm
  • Has corresponding adapters
  • Forged alloy steel
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Can’t work on a stainless steel surface

OTC Deluxe ISO Bubble Flaring Tool Set with Cutter | 6504


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The OTC deluxe bubble flaring tool set comes with a cutter. In the meantime, this one is for metric steel brake lines so that you would need the ISO. The included tubing cutter number is 6514.

It comes with a bunch of adapters inside the package that starts from 4.75mm to 10mm tubing. Between these, you will also get 6mm and 8mm tubing adapters, as well.

The tools are all secured inside a plastic blow-molded case so that there should not be any worry while shipping or using regularly.

It is a friendly and quick tool kit. During our tests, we have found that the drive screws able to hold the adapters perfectly and quickly, which would be tremendous and adoptive for a beginner user.

To perform any flaring action on the Nickel-Copper line, we highly recommend using it. It performed quite impressively during our experience.

We have not found any negative about the product though some people asked for a deburring attachment in the back of it. But we found it funny because the cutter is an extra tool that you are getting with the package where other toolsets don’t come with such kind of thing.

The unit set comes with a weight of 3.44 pounds, which seemed to us not requiring any muscle-man to move. And the size is pretty small like 10.8 * 8.5 * 2 inches allover, so shipping cost won’t be a thing to worry about.

However, it could be the best value at the budget price that we think after our experience. And sure, it will be for yourself as well.


  • Comes with a tubing cutter
  • 4.75 mm to 10mm tubing adapters
  • Safe and secured plastic molded case
  • Price-efficient
  • Quick and adaptable


  • The cutter does not have deburring add-on

TGR Professional Single, Bubble, and Double Flare Tool


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Well, this a vise mounted tool. It has a two-step process to make double flares and bubble flares fittings on brake lines. Compared to our old style flare tool, it is a lot better to perform the following operations.

Inside the hard case, you will get four dies, the tool, and the adjustable handle. Besides, it has 3/16 inch, ¼ inch, 5/16 inch, and also 3/8 inch fittings.

The package also comes with a manual tool, which goes in the vise. One nice thing about this is you can use it freehand. You could move it onto the curve if you got to do something. Also, you will find another tool to clams down on the top of that manual tool so that you can make the brake fittings properly.

The T-handle screw clamp is the perfect option to hold the die and as well as tube. The TGR brake line can perform any task without squishing or any slipping accident. Besides, you can perform a smooth and precise operation; it has the little anti-seize on the dies.

Although it is quite similar to the Eastwood one that we have discussed previously, but it has a more professional touch while working. If you something that can create flares without a leak for 100%, then you should go for it. Whether you are dealing with regular steel or stainless, it can develop flares effortlessly. All in all, you can do bubble flare using a double flare tool and also a single flare.


  • Vise mounted tool
  • Works without leaving leakage
  • Perfect for exceptional and regular material flaring
  • Does not slip or squish
  • Adjustable handles
  • Available dies inside the package


  • Would do better if there is a breeze with the brake lines

ABN Bubble Flare Tool & Double Flaring Kit


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The maximum of the flare tool kit is like a bubble flare tool vs. double flare tool. Means, you can get any one of this facility. But this ABN flaring kit comes with both to make your life a bit easier. From bending brake to pipe related repairs, you will get all done with this toolset at an affordable price.

Its compressor with a T shaped and the designed handle has a grip that allows you substantial control while flaring.  It has 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, and also half-inch fittings. Besides, it comes with various sizes of adapters like 4mm, 4.75mm, 6mm, 8mm, and like 10mm and can operate on the surface like steel, copper, and aluminum.

With the pipe cutter that you will get inside the package, you can cut 1/8 – 5/8 inches of different materials.

The using process is also simple and easy. You have to pull back the blade at the time of compressing. In the meantime, don't forget to revolve around the pipe. There are two rollers, which can fight against skipping or jumping while flaring.

Overall, raw-material that has been used to produce the tools are quite high quality. The chrome-plated swivel can reduce friction significantly. Nonetheless, all of the tools are anti-rust supported.

All the tools are safe and come inside a plastic molded case. The dimension of the box is storage-friendly. Its 11.9 * 2.8 * 9.2 inches of size is easy to stare in your closet or on your shelf.


  • Both double and bubble flare supported
  • A pipe cutter inside the package
  • User-friendly operation process
  • Can prevent skipping and jumping
  • A plastic molded case
  • Anti-rust supported tools
  • High-quality material


  • Clamshell holder has more than necessary slop

Alltrade  Kit 55 Bubble Flaring Tool Set | 648990


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It needs to be perfect when you are playing a flaring game. And if you have a toolset like Alltrade 648990 toolset, it would be what should be. This is one of the most reliable toolsets currently in the market with all most all kind of solutions. Basically, it’s a tool that is marketed by Alltrade, but Powerbuilt makes it, and they have a chunk of history to make premium tools.

This tool set can end your search of a hydraulic bubble flare tool. This particular tool can connect steel lines in braking systems’ hydraulic components. And it could be done in equipment made in Europe, Japan as well as domestic countries.

To get your metric bubble flaring done correctly, it comes with six pieces of tools. It also has a storage case to store the tools securely. The dimension of the case is 2.8 * 12.8 * 10.2 inches, and the weight is 4.28 pounds.

For getting better flare results, make sure to create tubes nearly 1/8 inch above the flaring block. Another thing that should be a consideration, which is you should tighten the nut with a wrench, not just with hands.


  • An excellent choice for bubble or ISO flaring
  • Comes with a case
  • High-quality components
  • Included with six pieces of supporting tool
  • Works fine to create Hydraulic bubble flares


  • The instruction manual is not that adoptive

Neiko ISO/Bubble Flaring Tool Kit | Case20657A


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The toolset is designed for soft style brake flaring. Whether you are a professional guy or just a person who works randomly, it can be your best mate for flaring. In addition to that, it is the best suit if you are working in European or Japanese cars.

The toolset comes with yoke assemble, a flaring bar, a high-quality wrench for tightening the nuts while flaring. Added to that, it has 10mm tubing support and four adapters, such as 4.75mm, 6mm, and 8mm.

Want to store the set of equipment safely? Don’t worry; they got you. You will get a blow-molded hard case, which has can be carried anywhere. Including the case, the toolset weight is extremely low – 2.3 pounds and has a dimension of 10.2 * 7.1 * 1.9 inches.

The great thing is you will get a warranty to return or replace the unity if you find any defects in the one you got. So, your money is secured with the manufacturer.


  • Reliable blow-molded case
  • Not so heavy to carry
  • Comes with a bunch of tools
  • Works on various cars
  • Four types of adapters
  • Has a wrench for tightening tasks


  • There could be some more adapters

SAE & Bubble ISO Metric 45 Double Single Tube Brake Line Flare Flaring Tool


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Our second last selection of the best bubble flare tool is the SAE flaring set. You will get a removable single flare end with the unique vise clamp, which will help you to insert bubble head adapters.

The flare tool inside the package can make flares on brass, aluminum, and also on soft steel. The process would become much more comfortable with the included seven adapters. Without that, you will also get yoke assembly, an assembled bar, and a handle. All of these come inside a molded storage case.

Time to flaring would be less, and there would not be any slipping accidents while working with the SAE flaring toolset. If you want to make a double flare or even a metric bubble flare, it will perform your operations correctly.

After you get the stock in your hand, you will have long 14 days to return the unity if you find any defect.  But make sure to maintain the product quality just like when you got it.


  • 14 days of replacement warranty
  • Various attachments to make your task easier
  • Consumes less time while flaring
  • Can prevent slipping accidents
  • Comes with a molded case


  • Could be more user-friendly

ATD Bubble Flaring Tool Kit | 5464


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Finally, we have reached our final product. It is a bubble flaring toolset by ATD. It is the right option to result in crack-free flares and can be used in the automotive brake system to solve your problems. Soft steel tubing is the most comfortable work zone if you are flaring with this set.

The yoke inside that set made with forged steel. You will get all the necessary adapters included with the package to fill your needs, such as 4.75, 6, 8, and 10 mm.

All the tools are made with high-quality and can do accurate flaring. So, you won’t be messing around with a leak after flaring. Just make sure to follow the instruction properly before start flaring.

It is the most lightweight toolset on our list with a weight of 2 pounds only. So, be sure your shipping cost is going to be lower than you are thinking.


  • Results crack-free flares
  • Perfect for flaring on soft steel pipes
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Has four different adapters
  • The yoke is made of forged steel
  • Lightweight


  • May not be used regularly on hard metals

Buying Guide of Best Bubble Flare Tool

Buying the best one from lots of options could be difficult. To make that more comfortable, we would recommend you to follow the below instruction properly. Let’s start with the first one.


The best bubble flare tool should come with the necessary arrangements with it. Most importantly, you should seek universal adapters inside the package. The maximum number of adapter means you would be most likely to match your needs. You would get 4mm to 4.75mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm adapters with our top selections.

Without the adapter, the handle is also a paramount concern. Besides, a wrench would be a plus you get it with the one you are buying. Wrenches are always helpful to tighten the nuts before flaring, which can prevent slipping accidents.

If you find something like our recommended ABN flaring tool that comes with a pipe cutter also would be a plus.

Leakage-Free Flaring

It is a common problem with the low-quality flaring tool. In maximum cases, they are not eligible to provide you a leakage-free flare, which can be a bit irritating. Hover on the leakage-free support or at least talk with someone who has the experience of using the one that you want to purchase.


While considering the best flaring tool, definitely you need something that comes with the best quality. Something that has forged alloy steel, stainless steel to resist against corrosion or rust should be your first choice. Though sometimes a high-quality flare tool comes with a higher price, but why take the risk with a lower one?


Is it the one that will work on Japanese and European cars and as well as on the domestic one? Can it create flares in 45 degrees? If you got all of the answers are Yes, please go for the flare tool or toolset.

Added to that, you should look for a flare tool, which will work on all of the surfaces like stainless steel, soft metal, and Nickel-Copper. This type of versatile flare tool can meet any unexpected needs.


Undoubtedly, the warranty is a major fact to consider. It is a competitive industry. To sustain the manufacturer’s business, they are trying to offer more facilities than before. Some companies are providing one year, and some are offering two years of warranty with their flare tools and toolsets.

Not only that, but some exceptional customer caring companies are also offering a week to a month of replacement warranty with their units. Talking about warranty abut warranty, we suggest you grab something that is coming with maximum support. In the end, you should not take risks while investing in a regular tool.

How to use a bubble flare tool?

Now, we are going to discuss the process of making a bubble flare. To start with the process, first, you need to grab your fitting and put it above your brake line. After you confirmed you have it over there, you can continue with your brake flare.

Then grab your brake line kit. You will notice one side of it has a little concave area where kind of dips in before the threading starts. The other side is flat. You would need to put the concave area facing towards the end of your brake line.

After that, pick the adapter you need, and you would need to insert the brake line so that it can fit up with the particular edge of the adapter.If it is a 3/16 brake line, then you should use the 3/16 adapter and snug that nob up.

Next, use the pressing tool that comes with your unit and just slide it a bit to fit in the right place. If everything looks cool, snug up the handle until our adapter touches up against the bottom tool that grasping the brake line.

If done with that, remove the adaptor. Now, you suppose to have a perfect bubble flare if you have followed each step properly. This is a simple way to use a bubble flare tool if you follow bubble flare tool instructions properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look into the questions people are asking about bubble flares.

What is a double flare?

The double flare is something you can consider as more common flare people work with their vehicles. It is made by folding inside and by the end of the tubing. It is stronger than a single flare.

Do I need to flare the brake lines?

The brake line you buy from an automobile shop is supposed to be flared already. But in maximum cases, it won’t come with a size that you need. In that case, yes, you would need to flare a brake line.

Can I use copper for brake lines?

The popular copper-made tube we use for brake lines is obviously an excellent option to try and performs better than a steel line.

How long a brake line last?

It would last nearly for six years if it is made of metal. Some of these come with many variations. So in that thought, the lasting time supposed to increase.

Should I use stainless steel brake lines?

Coming with a wrapped tube inside made the stainless steel stronger than a rubber one. So, trying it could be better if you have bucks to spend.

Bottom Line

Flaring can be a bit easier when you got a tool with the right features, capacity, and attachments. It will take less time and prevent slipping accidents, as well. 

Moreover, it’s a fun job to play with. But things get worse when you picked the wrong one, and for sure, as a neutral reviewer, we won’t let that happen to you.

So, mate, that is all about the best bubble flare tool that we could possibly list. Make sure to pick the right choice by following the buying guide and let us know your experience with the gear.

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