Best Brake Line Flaring Tool in 2020: Review and Buying Guide

For vehicle owners, flaring is the tool that people need every time after cracking their brake lines. A proper flaring tool can not only save a lot of money by avoiding servicing support but also can protect you from unexpected brake failures.

The problem is choosing the best tool that would fit your budget, and needs is not an easy task to deal with. So, here we are to help you with that tedious job. The listed flaring tools are based on our real-life experience.

Whether you are a greenhorn or a proficient, a brake line flaring tool is a must to have. Hence, here we are with our top ten collections of the best brake line flaring tool. Without the features of the tools, we would learn more specifically the pros and cons of these nominations. So, without delaying anymore, let’s start the discussion.

10 Best Brake Line Flaring Tool Reviews

Brake line flaring would require the best possible tools to accomplish the task. Besides, you would need something that works for regular and frequent flaring needs. So, choosing the right option is more than necessary.

To make that task more accessible, we have listed 10 of the best brake line flaring tools in this article. We will go through each of these by providing you the information on what you can get out of them. Without the features, we have added the pros and cons of the flare tools.

In the end, you can choose the best among them that will suit your all flaring commitments. Let’s get started with the discussion.

1. Eastwood Professional Brake Line Tubing Flaring Tool

Firstly, we have a professional brake line flaring tool manufactured by Eastwood. The stainless steel coated brake line flaring tool is an exceptional quality automotive brake line flaring tool. Without the stainless steel material, you can use it on materials like regular steel and soft metal. Whether your brake line requires double, bubble, or single flare, it can accomplish things with accuracy.

With the durable attachments, you would have a result of a 45-degree angle flare less than minutes. So, if you are in the professional field, it would be the perfect mate to partner up. Besides, you can make flare on brake lines, fuel lines, and transmission cooler lines with the pro kit.

The dies inside the package are pretty quick to use because of the turret looked indexed head it has. More specifically, the T-handle screws have a safety feature so that you would be able to hold the dies in it with perfect tightness. So, there won’t be any risk of skipping where you are flaring. Furthermore, it has a quick-release handle to save your time at the time of the flaring.

Everything will become effortless while your hand is on the Eastwood brake line flaring tool. It is equally comfortable and stress-free to use and comes with a brake line flaring tool instructions manual to guide you through the journey. Added to that, just make sure to use a bit of lubricant to remove motor oil after the operation.


  • Versatile flaring support
  • Create 45-degree flare
  • Requires less time to flare
  • Pretty high-quality material
  • Works fine on soft metal and stainless steel
  • Quick-release handle


  • A bit heavy-weight of the package

2. K-Tool International KTI-70081 Brake Line Flaring Tool

Again, we have another turret style brake line flaring tool. But the difference is the brake line flare tool size is quite small than other turret looking flaring tool kit. As you know, it is quite possible that a brake line slips in flaring tool when you are dealing with it. But this particular design can handle that situation under control.

Talking about this brake line flaring tool specs, the first that got our attention is the mounted dies. All the dies that you would need to flare a brake line are already installed on its head. So, nothing is going to fumble around while playing with this gear.

The KTI-70081 is the handy brake line bubble flaring tool kit you would ever get. In spite of its smaller size, it can handle a vast era of flaring tasks by providing you a peace mind user-experience. You can use it with 3/16 inch, quarter-inch, 5/16 inch, 3/8 inches diameter lines. Besides, the screws it has on its T shaped handle can hold the brake line in the place that it should be.

Notwithstanding, you can create flare on any surface at a 45-degree angle. It can be stainless steel, OE steel, or maybe soft metal tubing. Nonetheless, the powerful flare tool can be used for plumbing related jobs.

All in all, the precision tool can do the flaring task in minimal time. The great thing is after having all these rich features, you are also going to get one year of warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Vise mounted tool
  • Smaller size
  • One year of warranty
  • Less time, more tasks
  • Works on different types of surfaces
  • Can be used for plumbing related jobs


  • Still won’t work with some sizes

3. TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool


You can add our number three selection as the best brake line double flaring tool in your collection. Despite that, this TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool can result in bubble flares and single flare with its high-end capacity.

Flaring can be done in a 45-degree angle with the hand held brake line flaring tool. Whether you are dealing with a hard brake line that is made of stainless steel or a regular one, be confident bringing an accurate output with this hard brake line flaring tool.

The flaring tool comes with a bunch of fitting sizes like 3/16 inch, quarter-inch, 5/16 inch, and 3/8 inch. It also has an adjustable handle to flare by skipping trouble. You will get all the attachments inside a hard case to avoid any fumbling with the parts.

You can also use the freehand feature for smooth movement onto the curve. There is a tool for clamping down on the top of the manual tool. As a result, creating flare would be so far easier than before. Like the first two recommendations, it also comes with a T-handle to hold the dies while working.

The only entity that we found undesirable about this product is the weight it comes with. It is nearly 8.54 pounds because of the high-quality tools it has. The package has a dimension of 14.3 * 6.4 * 3.5 inches.

In the end, you can get this professional purpose flaring tool at a less price rate, unlike a cheap brake line flaring tool that comes with a higher rate to influence their customers. What would be better if you get something with premium quality at an affordable price?


  • Leakage-free flaring
  • Vise mounted tool
  • Single, double, bubble flare capacity
  • Anti-slip
  • Different sizes of dies
  • Flexible handle
  • A hard case to store its attachments


  • Kind of heavyweight

4. MASTERCOOL 72475-PRC Blue and Silver Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool


If you want to buy a brake line flaring tool with hydraulic support, then most probably, this is the one you should look for. After serving 30 years to the automobile industry, MASTERCOOL finally made something that is out of the box. Here is no suspicion that this is the best hydraulic brake line flaring tool out there on the market.

The pro brake line flaring tool set comes with a bunch of accessories to meet your all flaring needs. You can connect quarter-inch, 5/16 inch, and 3/8 inch of stuff. Added to that, you can also use it for 3/16 inch and half-inch flaring purposes. All the attachments come inside a plastic box.

Despite only fuel lines, this tool can be used for brake lines and flaring transmission purposes. Its push-connect adapters and dies made the whole using process pretty user-friendly. That is after dozens of hydraulic brake line flaring tool reviewsand we found it the best among them.

Great product has something extra to offer, so as it is. You will get a mini tube cutter with the flaring tool set. The whole set comes with a weight of 5.9 pounds and a size of 15 * 10.6 * 3.5 inches.


  • All-purpose flaring tool
  • Hydraulic flaring tool
  • Push-connect dies and adapters
  • Well-known brand
  • Different sizes of adapters for different flare sizes
  • Mini tube cutter


  • Buying from unverified seller causes missing parts

5. OTC 6502 Master Brake Flaring Tool Kit


Just like the name, OTC brought a flaring tool that is a master of all-purpose flaring. From single to double to bubble flare, all you can do just with a pop. The flaring tool is super easy to use and comes with a set of accessories to tackle with versatile flaring problems.

The kits included with a flaring bar, an arbor press, different sizes of adapters, free tube cutters, and also a debarring tool. The entire set packaged inside a plastic blow-molded hard case. And all of these come under a friendly price.

You can make a single flare from 3/16 inch to 5/16 inches and converting it in metric lines with 4mm to 14mm. If dealing with the double flaring task, it can cover 3/16 inch to half of an inch, which can be 4mm to 10mm in metric lines. Besides, for bubble flare, it can manage standard lines of 3/16 inch to again half of an inch. The result in the metric is 4.75mm to 10mm.

We found the tool set friendly and faster than others because of the drive screws perfect and quick ability to hold the adapters. Besides, it can be the right option if you are dealing with the nickel-copper line.

The OTC Master Tool set has a weight of 4 pounds and comes with a dimension of 9.* 12 * 2 inches. Due to its lightweight, you can switch it from home to garage to workshop pretty easily.


  • Single, double and bubble flaring ability
  • Free cutter
  • Lightweight
  • Nickel copper brake line flaring tool
  • Efficient drive screws
  • Low price


  • Not a professional level tool set

6. TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool


This TGR professional brake line flaring tool is much better than a pneumatic brake line flaring tool. It is not because of its features. The reason is its extreme ability to flare in almost all flaring situations. If you have some more bucks and want to experience a vast era of flaring, then nothing would be better than this one.

The trait that differentiates TGR from other flare tool manufacturers is that they compete with their own product and make a consistently better product. The toolset comes with a 45 degree and 37-degree angle support, which made it beyond a good brake line flaring tool.

More specifically, you can create all types of flares with its four sizes of tubing. It can correctly work on brake lines. Without that, transmission cooler and fuel line related flaring also be covered by the flare tool. Added to that, you can create flare on stainless steel and soft metal. All in all, it requires less time to reach your expected result.

The flaring tool set included with 3/16 inch, quarter-inch, 5/16 inch, and 3/8 inch tubing dies also. And all of the dies can be used for both types of angle flares.

But the powerful tool set comes with a significant weight, which nearly 11 pounds. Although the size is relatively acceptable,that is 13.9 * 10.7 * 3.7 inches. You will get all the pieces of stuff inside a hard case.


  • 45 and 37-degree flaring ability
  • Different sizes of dies
  • Works on stainless steels and soft metals
  • Hard case
  • Can be used for transmission cooler and fuel lines


  • A bit heavyweight

7. MASTERCOOL 72485-PRC Silver/Blue Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool


At number seven, we have another flare tool from the MASTERCOOL family. To extend its flaring power, the tool added with a set of accessories that can be used for both professional and beginner flaring resolutions.

Its tube and die set stabilizing arm can help you to form a tube easily. The magnetic adapter holder enhances the ability to hold the adapters perfectly. Besides, there is a compression area, which will give a better grip on dies. Also, it has improved hydraulics to provide you powerful flaring experience.

Overall, MASTERCOOL has given an in-depth look at the user experience. The result is the push connect feature it came up with. You can fabricate quarter-inch, 5/16 inch, and also 3/8 inch with the function. The broad featured tool can be used on the GM fuel line, transmission cooler lines, and yes, on brake lines.

All of the flaring can be done at a 45-degree angle, whether it is ISO bubble flare or double flare. In the case of double flare, you can use 3/16, quarter, 5/16, 3/8, half-inch adapters according to your needs. Aside, you can use 4.75mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm metric bubble flares with the tool set.


  • Lots of accessories
  • Dieset and tube stabilizing the arm
  • The magnetic adapter holder
  • Better grip support in the compression area
  • Different sizes of dies for different purposes
  • Works on GM fuel line and transmission cooler lines


  •  No warranty support

8. ABN Bubble Flare Tool & Double Flaring Kit – Tubing Bender Flare Tool

To us, the ABN Brake line flare tool was one of the fanciest and premium looking products among the others. Don’t get us wrong. It also provides a broad area of flaring support at an efficient price.

You can use the flaring tool for both bubble and dual purposes. Also,it works excellent for bending brake, repairing pipes, refrigeration, etc. With the fixed head and the angle support, you can do flaring jobs precisely.

The tool added with a T-shaped bar handle to provide you more grip, which is included with a yoke compressor. The cone it has can be helpful for alignment with accuracy. Aside, you can create 3/16 inch, quarter-inch, 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch, and half-inch double flares. In the case of bubble flare metric, it can support you for 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, and also 10mm.

Regular, aluminum and copper materials are their comfort zone to play with. To make all types of flares effectively, it comes with the necessary adapters sizes. For cutting requirements, you can use the cutter it came up with.

Another reason, we called its powerful is it can hold the dies pretty tightly, so there is no chance for skipping or slipping while flaring. Without that, the overall all tools it has, are fantastic in quality.These are chrome-plated and build with alloy steel, and also the yoke has a heat-treated feature. So, you are going to get a lifetime flaring partner.

All of the tools come inside a heavy-duty plastic hard case that will help you to store all the equipment safely. The case has enough size of 11.9 * 2.8 * 9.2 inches and proper slots for quick organize.


  • Double and bubble flare
  • Fast flaring experience
  • Versatile purpose
  • Build with alloy steel and chrome-plating
  • Can resist corrosion
  • Free cutter
  • Anti-skip


  • Not a right option for copper flaring

9. Cal-Van Tools 166 Hydraulic in Line Flaring Heavy Duty Swaging Tool

This Cal-Van Tools made flaring tool is a combination of both inline and hydraulic flaring tool. It’s lightweight and easy to use. Creating all types of flaring won’t tough when you have something like this.

The design of this brake line flare tool made it possible to work in the narrow areas on cars. Besides, the tool set comes with high-quality material. So, you are not going to experience any incident while dealing with the tool.

It comes with different size of flare tubes like 3/16 inch, quarter-inch, 5/16 inch, and 3/8 inch. You can get the standard metric sizes also – 4.75mm, 6mm, 8mm. With the needed gears, you are getting a tube cutter as well, which made it a perfect package for brake line flaring.

Weighing about four pounds would help you to move it anywhere as you need. The regular size of the package would not cost you while shipping. It comes with a size of 12 * 9 *9 inches box to store all the elements inside.


  • In line and hydraulic flaring tool
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • High-quality materials
  • All-purpose adapters
  • Tube cutter
  • Box to store all the stuff


  • Not for stainless steel flaring

10. RIDGID 41162 377 Precision Non-Ratcheting Pipe Flaring Tool

Consistent flaring is the feature that differentiates the RIDGID flaring tool from others. More importantly, the handle it has can disconnect the brake line whenever the flaring is done. So, there is no chance of over flaring.

Dealing with aluminum and soft copper is a regular task for the precision non-ratcheting tool. Besides, you can use it on copper, steel, and also on stainless steel material to make flare. The tool set comes with a mounted steel cone for metal flowing.

You will get to see both inches and metric measurements with the flaring tool. One disappointing thing is that it can only create a flare at a 37-degree angle. To let that happen accurately, it has different sizes of tubes like 3/16, quarter, 5/16, 3/8, half, 5/8, and also 3/4 inches.


  • Consistent flaring
  • Handle clutch release feature
  • Works on different types of materials
  • Variety size of adapters
  • High-quality materials


  • Can’t use for 45-degree angle flaring

Buyer Guide of Best Brake Line Flaring Tool

Buying a brake line flare is a significant decision to reach. But how can you find the best brake line flaring tool? What are the traits you should look for? In this section, we will answer each of these questions to help you choose the best brake line flaring tool. Let’s start with the first one.


The first thing that you would need to consider is the attachments it came up with. Perfect sizes of adapters are an essential attachment that would need to play around with different sizes of flares. Try to look for 4mm to 10mm adapter sizes. These are the universal sizes that have the most probability to meet your needs.

Without the adapters, you would also look for the handle shape. T-shape handle would be plus to make efficient flares. Any other objects like wrench or cutter will save your money because you would need that in any way.


The maximum number of material types your flare tool will support, the maximum advantage you are going to enjoy. Any flare tool that works on stainless steel, nickel-copper, regular steel would meet your needs in every situation. Otherwise, only buying different flare for different purposes would be the way to try, and that wouldn’t be a great idea to go for.

Style or Types

There are mainly two types of brake line flare tool. One is a hand flare tool, and another one is the turret style flare tool. Hand flare tool requires expertise while flaring because you have to hold the flare tool by hand.

On the contrary, the turret-style flare tool is easy to use and will result in more accurate flares. So, trying something like a turret-style flare tool would be the better idea you should consider.


We think the best flare tool should be made of alloy steel because that kind of flares is more durable. And as you know, flaring is a task that requires pressure. So, while putting excessive pressure, your flare tool should have the power to correspond with.

Added with heat-treated features would also an advantage you should look for. Also, consider something that can resist corrosion for a lifetime.


It is most neglected, but one of the essential features the best flare tool should have. In maximum cases, flaring becomes tough and can cause an accident while it does not have an anti-slip or anti-skip function. This feature helps the flare tool to hold the brake line perfectly. So, slipping would not become a worry to think about.

That is all the facts you should consider while buying the best brake line flare tool.

How do you use a brake line flaring tool?

In this section of the article, we are going to discuss how do you use a brake line flaring toolBefore hand get into the procedure, make sure to become concentrated while flaring your brake line. Let’s start with the process.

The brake line you would have supposed to be 25-feet roll. Firstly, you should unravel the needed piece of the brake line. To do that, you can use a tube cutter that comes with some of our above-recommended flare tools. In general, you would need to cut it nearly two inches.

In the next step, you would need to place the flaring bar into the vise. Then, insert the tube in a hole that would fit and snap on hydraulic brake line flaring toolYou can find a hydraulic flaring feature in some of the tools we have discussed earlier.

To decide the accurate size, you can look onto the flare tool. There you will find a broad range of sizes from a quarter to 3/16 inches. If you 3/16 inch tube, then pick the 3/16 inch hole to flare. Remember to use a 3/16 inch adapter also. You can find the size of the adapter on the side of it.

After that, you need to use the tube cutter again for removing the inside chamfer on the brake line. Again on the side of the adapter, you would find a small step. You have to use the step with the top of the tube for the corresponding purpose. Now, loosen the wing nuts a bit and lower down the tube to the top of the adapter we have. If done with that, tighten enough the wingnuts again to avoid unexpected circumstances.

If you are dealing with a single flare, you would have to take the adapter and turn it into two. Afterword, pick the yoke and place it over the top of the flaring bar. Simply turn the cone down and again make sure to tighten that enough. To confirm that, see if the adapter hits the bar or not. If yes, you are done almost. This is all about making a single flare.

To make a double flare, just place the cone into the tube again. And turn it down. Then, loosen the wing nuts. Look at the brake line; what you suppose to see is the double flare. That is the core procedure of using a brake line flaring tool. You must follow the instruction properly to avoid any crucial mistakes.

What is the best brake line flaring tool

Bunches of companies are out there, making proper quality flaring tools. You can hover on the ten flaring tools that we have mentioned above after lots of analysis and tests. Besides, the Craftsman brake line flaring tool, Powerbuilt brake line flaring tool, Powerhand brake line flare tool are also the right quality tools for flaring tasks. But these come with higher prices comparing to their performance.

Any flare tool that has hydraulic support, both 37 and 45-degree angle flaring capacity, versatile purpose feature can be considered as the best brake line flaring tool.TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool, Eastwood Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool, MASTERCOOL Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set | 72475-PRC are the tools that cover most of the quality of being the best flaring tool.

If talking more specifically, you can compare our buying guide consideration again to find out which one is the best brake line flaring tool. It will help you to avoid taking any wrong decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Of Best Brake Line Flaring Tool

Let’s check out the frequently asked question all over the world about the brake line flare tools.

Question: Who makes the best brake line flaring tool?

Answer: Actually, there is not a solo company that is making the best flaring tool. Besides, each of the tools has different purposes and advantages and disadvantages. But you can consider TGR, MASTERCOOL, EASTWOOD, ABN as the topmost best flare tool making companies.

Question: Do you need to flare the brake lines?

Answer: Yes, you do because the stock brake line that we buy from an automobile shop supposed to be flared. But the flare size these have won’t be the one that you would need.

Question: Should I buy a hydraulic flaring tool?

Answer: Hydraulic flaring tool gives you immense power while flaring. To get more accurate flare in less time, there is not an alternative tothe hydraulic flaring tool. So, no doubt, you should buy a hydraulic featured flare tool.

Question: Is double flare is better than single flare?

Answer:   Yes, obviously. The double flare is a more common flare used in the maximum brake line. On the other hand, the single is not anymore popular flare to hangout with. And single flare tends to be cracked a while after. But double flare lasts long enough. So,in all sense, double flare is better than a single flare.

Bottom Line

Flaring is one of the most critical tasks that are related to our beloved vehicles. So, choosing the wrong one would not be a wise decision. We have tried to share the most possible information that you can ever get you from online. Our in-depth discussion about the best brake line flaring tool would help you to get out of all misconceptions about the flare tool.

Besides, we have listed the best options that you can find after hours of analysis. Not only that, the selection is based on price vs. performance. So, you are not only going save your bucks but also getting the better flaring experience with these tools.

If you need any more queries about the using process of a brake line flaring tool, make sure to reread the article. We have added all the information that you would need. Till then, enjoy playing with the flaring tool you are going to get. Take care and Goodbye.

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