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Best 1/4 Ratchet in 2020: Review & Buying Guide

When it is about nuts and bolts, a ratchet is a must-have that is offering the best features and saving you energy and time. Wondering which type is right for your next job? Don't worry. You have got this. Today we are here with another list of five best 1/4 ratchets that are available on the market.

This review is based on our live tests, thousands of customer reviews, and positive ratings. All the products are available on Amazon, and we have listed down their Amazon link in the article. Check them out for their best prices and to know which one is best suited to your needs.

So, let’s begin to cheer with the best one.

Product Name




Where to Buy


90 teeth gear

4-degree swing arc

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120 teeth gear

3-degree swing arc

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72 teeth gear

5-degree swing arc

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84 teeth gear

6-degree swing arc

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72 teeth gear

5-degree swing arc

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5 Best 1/4 Ratchets Reviews

We have nominated below five top rated 1/4 ratchets that are from the best available brands and serving the industry for a long time with a better value. Whether you are a professional technician or just a guy who loves to take care of your home appliance or automobile parts, these can solve your all problems.

In terms of durability, performance, or feature, these are the best options in the market. We have also kept in mind the price factor before selecting these 5. So, if you want to get the maximum value in your budget, then look into the in-depth review of our five best 1/4 ratchets.

1. TEKTON 1/4 Inch Drive X-6 Inch Flex Ratchet | SRH31006

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This tool screams quality. The form, fit, and finish is superb. It definitely will be your new go-to when you don’t need a torque wrench. Along with the efficient price, this TEKTON wrench is undefeated. The smooth design gives you what you need in the end.

The 1/4 inch ratchet comes with 90-tooth gear, and you will get a short 4-degree swing arc, which is excellent for the right spaces. The solo half-moon unique pawl design can maintain 6-9 teeth by avoiding slip while doing an operation. TEKTON has reduced sizes in height, width, and length that resulted in providing you a varied experience. And that is not different in this case also. The 6.6 * 1 * 0.8 inches ratchet designed to fit in tighter spaces. Notably, they have done this without compromising the strength.

In any sense, when you have some a 180-degree swivel head, it would become quite more comfortable to work in any circumstances. You will get the same advantage from this model as well. Nine of the different detent angles are perfect for reaching around any obstacles. The well-designed teeth can hold the head position at the time of connecting with fasteners or doing a task.

Again talking about the ultra-compact head, it has a secure lock system,which is backed by a strong locking pin. You can engage it as you need, and fortunately, it will not fall off accidentally like other cheap ratchets. The quick-release button drops the detent ball effortlessly, so the unlocking process is also more straightforward.

Like always, the TEKTON SRH31006 has beautiful chrome that will last long enough to serve your entire life. Undoubtedly, it is the best 1⁄4 ratchet for mechanics because of their regular and rough uses needs. We also liked the sleek handle finish, and it got a beveled bottom, so your hand does not slip off. Also, the little groove on the handle enables you to generate more pressure in terms of your needs.


  • Ninety teeth gear
  • Four-degree swing arc
  • Ultra-compact head
  • Quick-release drive
  • Precise handle length and design


  • Some people find it way too flexible but not with ours
  • Made in Taiwan

2. GEARWRENCH 1/4" Drive 120XP Flex Ratchet | 81012P

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If any ratchet that owns the Master of Speed title in the ratchet production industry, then it’s the Gearwrench 81012P, just like their other lines.The one thing that added extra value in this model is the better accessibility. No hassle to access in the tight places made it unrivaled to other available options in the market.

In case of speed, definitely, it does not provide something like the best 1/4 air ratchet. But comparing to other traditional ratchets, it is a better option to try. Its build-in 120 positions give a 3-degree arc, which enables you to turn a fast-paced movement in tighter restrain.

We found the dual-stacked pawls can deliver 180% of ASME rotation support. The double-stacked pawls also connect a 60 teeth gear that can provide excellent strength. The tooth count is amazing! This ratchet prevails where other ratchets fail.

The unit is all about speed, in our opinion, even for handling. The polish and full grip allows a person to quickly and easily complete a task. In addition to that, it has a longer reachable handle to access hard-to-reach places.

When talking about the head, the ratchet has a low profile head that is enhanced by a flush reversing lever. So, obviously, that is another innovation by the legendary Gearwrench and made it more productive than the previous versions. The ball pivot flex head leaves no flop in the flex head and makes it really helpful to set it to the position you want.

In all sense, it is the best budget 1/4 ratchet out there. You will get almost the same feel as the big tool brands at a fraction of the price.


  • The right option if you want a speedy experience
  • Build-in 120 positions
  • Can deliver 180% of ASME rotation support
  • Polished and full gripped handle
  • Can access hard to reach places
  • Also, it comes with a competitive price


  • Greasing will be required for long-lasting performance

3. WERA 1/4 Inch Drive Ratchet | 8004 A

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Thinking outside of the box always brings something new, something creative, and our third contender is no different. This Zyklop metal made ratchet emerged with a switch lever function to fulfill the quick change direction needs. In this perception, we would say WERA 8004 A is the best 1/4 ratchet wrench in our list.

The 72-tooth in this 1/4 drive is butter smooth for accessible return swings. We believe people will put down their 90-tooth ratchet and use this because of the narrow and small head, which got in the little corners. It seemed just okay first until you use it, and then you will realize its specialty.

It has a long handle, and slim body than regular ratchet get in narrow places whereas other ratchets could not.It is a perfect ergonomics with a small amount of additional length for added leverage.The manufacturer deserves a big Thanks for that.

They also included a nice socket release button that is quite a bit larger than you would typically see in a ratchet of this size. The button has a convex shape that extends just above the surface of the head. Material on the button is quite durable, so there should not be any worries about the accident release of the socket.

The 5-degree small return angle makes it way faster while working. These really exceeded expectations and are far more delicate than any Craftsman lines.The high-quality tool is a good pickup if you don’t want to splurge on speed ratchet. Overall we mark it a 10/10 as far as it is excellent considering the reasonable price.


  • Switch-lever function
  • Delivers smooth and easy return swings
  • Perfect for narrow spaces
  • Strong socket release button
  • High quality and lower price


  • The only negative is we saw no way to service or repair the tool

4. Craftsman 9-44994 1/4-Inch Thin Profile Ratchet

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What if you will get a forever guaranteed ratchet out there? Surprised? You should be. It is none other than another beautiful creation from the Craftsman.

It’s been a long time the Craftsman is producing tools for anyone rather than professional.The 9-44994 model ultra-thin profile ratchet is the perfect option for easy access to tight places without sacrificing strength.

The quick-release on the head panel enhanced the easy to use experience more than ever. And if talking about the reversing button, it gives immense satisfaction during operations. We can say it met and exceeded ASME specifications as far as our experience.

This flawlessly designed handle fits well in hand. During our tests, we found it very solid ratchet, and it holds up very well to high stress. Besides, it is quite suitable for one-handed jobs. The robust metal body provides versatility, dependability, and strength in a row.

The amount of teeth is much larger than many other tools, which gives the tools more flexibility in its use. Sometimes, you get in a tight place where you can barely get the ratchet to click once, but this one solved that problem. We hope the manufacturer would do a favor for you and add the ratchet in one of their tool sets. Definitely, that will be the best 1/4 inch ratchet set.

Don’t get fooled by its simple looking design. Its full polish chrome finish can win the battle against corrosion, which also made it easy to clean and shine bright like new always.

So, please don’t get confused about why they are giving a life-long guarantee. And if it breaks, take it into your local SEARS tool department, and they'll hand you a new one without paperwork, receipt, or even a new invoice.


  • Easy access to tight spaces
  • Quick-release and reversing button
  • Full polish comfort grip handle
  • 6-degree arc
  • Rust resistance support


  • After a while, the socket may fall off. We suggest you grease it

5. Capri Tools 1/4-Inch Ratchet

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Finally, we have our final nomination. If you asked us, who makes the best 1/4 ratchet or name at least name top five manufacturer, we would say there will Capri for sure. The ratchet turns smoothly and has a positive selector switch. You would love the ratchet,especially for the price.

The excellent gear has 72 teeth that help get your job done more comfortably, and it requires only 5-degree space for each turn. So, not only you will get your job done faster, but also it will play an essential role in narrow spaces. Unlike other ratchets in our list, it is a single-pawl gear to deliver you unparalleled and smooth ratcheting experience.

It is one of the best low profile head ratchet, in our opinion. If it is a tight spot or you want to use it in, it will let your work done with low clearance. More precisely, the anti-dust design keeps all the dust and debris out and protects the gear. The inside lubrication helps to maintain more sustainability over time.

With the flip of your thumb, you can switch the direction during doing tasks because it has the Dual-direction feature. So, you are going to get a hassle-free and less time-consuming experience.

They named it SmartKrome, and yes, it has something like premium chrome vanadium and smart chrome-plated finish on the body, which ensures the durability and can resist corrosion.

The total length of the handle is 6 inches, but with the head, it is nearly 8 inches. The ergonomic handle enables superior comfort and leverage in regular tasks. It also provides an advantage when doing heavy duty. We suggest you put grease in it to make it smoother as silk.


  • Smart and premium chrome finish
  • Perfect length for regular tasks
  • Easy to  use the dual-direction feature
  • Durable enough because of the internal lubrication
  • Price-efficient


  • Good ratchet but has weak face plate screws
  • The switch mechanism may not be adaptable in the beginning

Buying Guide of Best 1/4 Ratchets

Now you have found the best 1/4 ratchets for money that can solve your problems. But these are the best? What are the features you should consider identifying the best one? We can assure you if you follow and find the below facts before buying ratchet, there won’t be any regret. So, let’s look at the considerations.


What we mean by 1/4 is the drive size. You have to determine what drive you are going to use for what application. The bigger drive sockets hold bigger sockets; the small quarter-inch drive can hold smaller sockets.

So, let’s say, you are taking off a wheel, you are probably going to go to your half inch drive. And if it is a tiny part, then you would need a quarter-inch drive. You don’t need to bother if your needs are small because we have listed the best available options that you can find.

Tooth Count

There are many things that you should look at it, but the main thing is the tooth count. Inside a ratchet, there is a toothed wheel and a toothed block. This will allows you to move the ratchet so that it rotates and turns clockwise or counterclockwise.

The more amounts of teeth a ratchet has are the best option to go for. That lets you move it the shorter distance on the non-action end and be able to have more action of the ratchet in a smaller space. And that is why you should go for the highest tooth count ratchet. Anything between 72 to 120 tooth counts can be the right option to consider.


A comfort grip or rubber handle at the end of the ratchet will provide more strong control while working. Some other options do not have a rubber end but made a handle with a comfortable design finish that is ready to serve you better.

As 1/4 ratchets are mainly for the smaller task, a comfortable handle without rubber grip also can be a decent choice to live with.You will find both features in our listed 5 best 1/4 ratchets.

Handle Length

You also need to look at the handle length because when it is about a quarter-inch drive. It becomes imperative if you are looking for a quarter-inch drive, odds are you are working in much smaller space. Typically, you can cover all your needs with a 5 to 6 inches long ratchet.

You should look at that handle length and gauge what you are doing versus how much leverage you need. Obviously, the longer the handle, the more leverage you are going to be able to get, and so, more torque you are going to be able to apply.

How to Use 1/4 Socket with Ratchet Wrench?

The using process of 1/4 sockets with ratchet wrench is pretty straightforward. There are available 6 points, and 12 points socket out there in the market. First, for 1/4 inch drive or 6.3 mm drive, you can use 3.2 ~ 14 mm sockets. If you have found one, then jump on to the next step.

Take the ratchet and snap it into the socket end. If you have done it correctly, the other end of the socket will be fitted over a fastener. There is a mechanism in the ratchet that allows the ratchet handle to connect and tighten a fastener whenever you swing that in a clockwise direction and will turn it flexibly while you swing it counterclockwise.Besides, there is a switch on the ratchet that reverses each action to loosen the fastener.

This is the simple way to use a quarter socket with a ratchet wrench.

Importance of 1/4 Ratchet Wrenches

If you are a typical technician who needs to do tightening or fixing work regularly at your home or shop, then ratchet wrench is one of the vitals that you need. The conventional wrench has some hassles while doing that kind of works where ratchet wrenches are the simple tool to do that easily.

In the case of a traditional wrench, you have to remove it every time after a reverse movement. But ratchet wrench does not require that. This is the main advantage of ratchet wrenches. Besides, ratchet wrenches have a square fitting, which can be attached to the various sizes of nuts and bolts. It also has a mechanism with a spring-loaded ball to hold tightness on a socket.

Nonetheless, ratchet wrench sizes are universal, so wherever you from or whatever you are doing, these are ready to tight any gear. Added to that, ratchet wrenches can bend nearly 90 degrees, which enables it to reach any corner and move quickly where regular wrenches can’t get access. Overall, ratchet wrenches are an essential tool for DIY tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Let’s hover on the most popular questions people are asking about ratchet.

Question: Who makes the best ratchet?

Answer: There are nearly a few companies that are producing tools and ratchet with high quality for decades, and some are new but have the best value for the price. In our opinion, Gearwrench, Tekton, Craftsman, and Capri are once that produce ratchet with better quality.

Question: Is 12 point socket is better than 6 point socket?

Answer: Truly speaking, the 12 points are good for lightweight repairs, but for a heavier wrenching, you need 6 points sockets must. Because of 6 points,the socket less likely to slip off than 12 points. So, overall, it depends on the situation they will be used in.

Question: Does TEKTON ratchet have a warranty?

Answer: All the TEKTON ratchets are out there guaranteed by them. You can contact them on their website if you found any trouble with the tool you have.

Question: Is Craftsman better than Gearwrench?

Answer: Gearwrench produces products with better design, durability, and features.  Their ratchets are more good in case of finish. In our experience, we would say No, Craftsman is not better than Gearwrench.

Question: How the tooth count the best ratchet should have?

Answer: The more tooth count would give you better performance than a lower tooth count ratchet. Try for 72 teeth ratchet at least. More than that will be a Plus.

Bottom Line

Finding a good quality 1/4 ratchet can time consuming, and if you are an amateur, then there is a chance to make the wrong decision, which can cause loss of money.

So, why taking the risk when you have the professional expertise here? Choosing any of these can be the best value for you. Let us know if you have any further queries and till then keep tightening the nuts and bolts with our best 1/4 ratchet.

At next article we will review the 10 best 3/8 Ratchet. So stay connected with us. Take care.

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